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Yokayi Footy E8: When 'shocking' report hit Darcy Moore, Bachar's huge stat

Darcy Moore joins Tony Armstrong, Megan Waters and Gilbert McAdam to talk Do Better and preview round eight

  • 25:49 mins
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Yokayi Footy

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Yokayi Footy is a dynamic new footy show which celebrates the Indigenous contribution to AFL football. It’s hosted by young media stars, Bianca Hunt and Tony Armstrong together with Brisbane premiership legend, Darryl White. It is a fresh and bold new platform for Indigenous voices, though has fast become a favourite with all football fans. Each episode, viewers will get their footy fix, be treated to a new player interview, and enjoy a moving community story where football and Indigenous culture intersect. A new footy legend will join the team each week and share something special that helps audiences get to know them. Viewers will find themselves laughing at hilarious segments such as “Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda” and moved by the candid and raw moments the show delivers through its signature monologues and guest interviews. Yokayi' (pronounced: yok-eye) is a Noongar phrase meaning ‘a shout of victory’. Its use highlights the importance of culture and community, which are cornerstones of the Indigenous way of life and any good footy club.

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