Championing young, diverse players and perspectives, an exciting new footy show on Wednesdays at  8pm.

Yokayi Footy will film between its Melbourne studio and on Country, with segments exploring participation around Australia and the untold stories from communities.

In addition to catching up on the AFL news of the week, the program will incorporate interactive elements. ‘The Deadliest’ competition, for example, plays out like knockout rounds via. social media, where fans have the opportunity to vote for their favourite Indigenous player. Each week, these results will be discussed by the panel, until the winner is announced in the lead up to the Sir Doug Nichols Round.

What is "Yokayi"?

The name 'Yokayi' (pronounced: yok-eye), a Noongar phrase meaning ‘a shout of victory’, highlights the importance of culture and community, both of which are core aspects of the program.