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Ablett out for the year

12:30pm  Jul 27, 2015

Round 17: Who Stepped Up?

11:00am  Jul 27, 2015

Umpiring was 'ridiculous'

9:58am  Jul 27, 2015

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Watch Garry Lyon and Damian Barrett take on the big issues from the weekend's biggest games

EXCLUSIVE VISION: Jack Riewoldt loses it

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July 27, 2015  5:28 PM

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EXCLUSIVE VISION: Jack Riewoldt loses it

Access All Areas - Every Monday on

5:28PM Jul 27, 2015

Umpiring was 'ridiculous'

Whistleblowers go 'overboard', Eagles fans 'embarrass themselves', and exclusive vision of Jack Riewoldt losing it

9:58AM Jul 27, 2015

Worst win I've ever seen ... ever

Winning ugly, cool your jets on Hawthorn, and ANZ surface slammed

11:59AM Jul 20, 2015

'Sam, you need to change'

Mitchell's knees in the spotlight, Freo can't win the flag, and Selwood went 'a bit too far'

9:58AM Jul 13, 2015

Jobe finally 'worn down'

A Bombers 'slaughter fest' and one player's disgusting act

2:58PM Jul 6, 2015

Suns drugs scandal was 'covered up'

Plus Mitchell's sledge, Hird's propaganda and our 'hard questions'

2:42PM Jun 29, 2015

Unsociable but 'not brave', Hawthorn

Use your left foot Tigers, is Eddie overacting and no more 'unnamed recruiters'

1:21PM Jun 22, 2015

Did the Giants get 'too cute'?

No flag for Port, who let the Dees down and 'embarrassing' Kangas fans

11:07AM Jun 15, 2015

Fine the umps and don't guess

A whack for the umps, Bombers 'lack of heat' and did Roosy drop the ball

10:40AM Jun 9, 2015

Brad Scott, what's your next move?

Heat on North coach and who shouldn't have poked the Buddy

11:20AM Jun 1, 2015

Big Dog has 'no presence'

Reality check for Bulldogs and Garry's favourite moment of the year

9:49AM May 25, 2015

Is Bucks a 'bad loser'?

Stop putting Bont in the ruck and is Port a 'flirt'

1:38PM May 18, 2015

Which Hawk is 'not up to it'?

Tiger meltdown and the boy who 'could be anything'

9:58AM May 11, 2015

Only three Blues deserve to keep jumper

Carlton players slammed, Hawk skipper's 'thug act', and more

10:16AM May 4, 2015

The Hawks 'failed' Clarko

Hawthorn is partly to blame, get excited by Dogs and Dees, Crows drinking their own bath water

9:51AM Apr 27, 2015

Hey Danger, just get on with it

Garry Lyon whacks Phil Walsh and questions where a couple of stars' careers are at

9:57AM Apr 20, 2015

Tigers lack a 'tough mongrel'

Richmond in the gun, hold your fire on Dons, and fans cop a spray

10:12AM Apr 13, 2015

'Soft' Suns got what they deserved

Access All Areas is back and Garry and Damian come out swinging

10:01AM Apr 7, 2015

Longmire, leaders let the Swans down

Have Cats or Hawks had better era, Swans failed ultimate test plus the latest trade news

10:49AM Sep 29, 2014

Crows could go to Worsfold, Ryder to GWS

Lyon and Barrett answer all the big questions in footy

10:19AM Sep 22, 2014