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Star Lion's post-game snub

Which star 'needs to get fitter', Danger the peace maker and the Port 'power puffs'

April 23, 2018  2:30 PM

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Star Lion's post-game snub

Which star 'needs to get fitter', Danger the peace maker and the Port 'power puffs'

2:30PM Apr 23, 2018

Tex 'didn't want to compete'

Dees brain fades, the four minutes Dogs would like back, and who thinks they can win the flag

2:58PM Apr 16, 2018

Why isn't Carlton better?

There's no 'guarantee' for the Blues, 'venom' coming the Dons' way, Joe not owning the 'moment'

2:56PM Apr 9, 2018

Lloydy whacks the Cats 'big three'

Bevo's 'tired' messaging, Saints need to get 'brutal', and the ump mistake which almost cost the Hawks

3:59PM Apr 3, 2018

Hey Bucks, 'that is embarrassing'

Which Hawk has a 'long memory', who is 'scary' good, which high profile recruit was 'poor'

12:41PM Mar 26, 2018

'They failed from the coaching box'

Why we're in awe of Richmond and which Tiger 'spooked' the Crows?

12:40PM Oct 2, 2017

What Tigers should do in anthem stand-off

Some advice for Richmond and the 'selfish' Cat who burnt his captain

10:41AM Sep 25, 2017

A Swan who should never play finals again

Stevie J needs to be 'really honest', Eagles hard calls and 'bewildering' coaching by Longmire

4:40PM Sep 18, 2017

AFL ruck rule 'a farce'

'Spooked' Cats and who let them down, plus our whack for Channel Seven

3:59PM Sep 11, 2017

Big player moves: Who will stay, who will go

Who's heading where, can Tigers 'handle the heat', and Eagles have 'no fears' playing Port

4:32PM Sep 4, 2017

'Didn't tackle, didn't chase, they blew it'

Where had that been all year, Pies, and is it time for Nic Nat?

3:21PM Aug 28, 2017

'How did they win a Grand Final?'

Lloydy blasts the Dogs, Gill's comments 'laughable' and how Zaka turned his career around

4:02PM Aug 21, 2017

Who 'choked' on the big stage?

Disappointing Saints, Dee recruits' crucial acts, and Dimma, don't go there

11:55AM Aug 14, 2017

Scary Crows, pathetic Port, Cats failed

Who are the genuine contenders, and who are pretending?

2:19PM Aug 7, 2017

'Unacceptable' star has hurt Buckley

The Sainters who caused the 'disaster', Heath's screaming has to stop and kissing capers

3:06PM Jul 31, 2017

Hey Yeo, where's your head at?

Eagle's early crow, big Cats slammed, and did a young Blue dive?

4:31PM Jul 24, 2017

'Put a line through them', they can't win it

'Shocking' Saints, and 'get your hands dirty', Giants

5:15PM Jul 17, 2017

'Disgusting' Tigers and a 'plodding' Roo

Plus a message for Clayton, and a Freo hero's remarkable back story

4:51PM Jul 10, 2017

Lloydy's 'big whack' on senior Dons

The Bombers who went missing, what's hurt Bucks, and Rooey's bad look

5:30PM Jul 3, 2017

'I am concerned for Rory Sloane'

Questions on star Crow, how the Dons blew it, and which Eagle lost focus?

5:18PM Jun 26, 2017