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The 10

Counting down the top highlights of each round of footy

The 10: round 22's best moments

All the best and memorable highlights from the weekend's action

August 30, 2015  7:32 PM

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The 10: round 22's best moments

All the best and memorable highlights from the weekend's action

7:32PM Aug 30, 2015

The 10: round 21's best moments

Some incredible finishes and a couple of amazing brain-fades dominate The 10

7:40PM Aug 23, 2015

The 10: round 20's best moments

We got some clangers, some cracking catches and some crazy goals

8:48PM Aug 16, 2015

The 10: round 19's best moments

The best highlights from a great weekend of footy

9:05PM Aug 9, 2015

The 10: round 18's best moments

Some big grabs, stunning goals and a bit of love shown for Adam Goodes

8:55PM Aug 2, 2015

The 10: round 17's best moments

All the most thrilling highlights from the weekend's footy

9:10PM Jul 26, 2015

The 10: round 16's best moments

Some Gaz brilliance or a flying Docker - which one is better?

8:53PM Jul 19, 2015

The 10: round 15's best moments

Some terrific highlights and amazing scenes in the west as emotions take hold

9:10PM Jul 12, 2015

The 10: round 14's best moments

Some of the best goals of the year, all on the one weekend

8:34PM Jul 5, 2015

The 10: round 13's best moments

The most celebrated highlights countdown in the game

8:04PM Jun 28, 2015

The 10: round 12's best moments

Some thrilling results, big marks, freakish goals and an umpire makes The 10

7:18PM Jun 21, 2015

The 10: round 11's best moments

The only highlights countdown that matters in football

9:11PM Jun 14, 2015

The 10: round 10's best moments

All the best moments from a big long weekend of football

8:10PM Jun 8, 2015

The 10: round nine's best moments

An absolute screamer and a pair of incredible goals from the boundary - what's number one?

9:10PM May 31, 2015

The 10: round eight's best moments

Some goals, some acrobatics and a thrilling Grand Final rematch

8:55PM May 24, 2015

The 10: round seven's best moments

All the best moments and most exciting highlights from the weekend's action

9:47PM May 17, 2015

The 10: round six's best moments

Thrilling results, big marks, cracking goals - this weekend had it all

8:42PM May 10, 2015

The 10: round five's best moments

The absolute best moments from a big weekend of football

9:24PM May 3, 2015

The 10: round four

All the very best highlights and moments from Anzac Round

9:30PM Apr 26, 2015

The 10: round three

A few good old fashioned hangers and some thrilling goals

7:23PM Apr 19, 2015