Game Play Definitions

Want to know the difference between an uncontested and contested possession, or what makes a mark a mark? These are terms you might see on the Match Centre or hear from a commentator during a match.


Legally disposing of the ball via a kick or handball.

Disposal efficiency
Percentage of disposals that are effective or to the benefit of the player's team.

Average disposals
Average number of disposals per match played.

Efficiency (Eff) inside 50
Percentage of scoring shots generated per activity within the 50m arc.

Inside 50
Number of times the ball is moved from the midfield into the forward 50m arc.

Contested possessions
Gaining possession of the ball as a result of winning a contest.

Uncontested possessions
Gaining possession of the ball while under no physical pressure, either from a teammate's disposal or an opposition kick.

Catching the ball from a kick of 15m or more that hasn’t touched the ground or another player.

Contested marks
Taking a mark under the physical pressure of an opponent or in a pack.

Marks in forward 50
Number of marks taken within the attacking 50m arc.

Legally grabbing hold of an opponent who is in possession of the ball to prevent them from getting an effective disposal.

Tackles in forward 50
Tackles made within the attacking 50m arc.

Intercepted possession
Possession of the ball resulting from stealing the ball from an opponent's pass.

Losing of possession of the ball to the opposition during general play.

The first effective disposal that clears the stoppage area. A 'stoppage' is a ball-up or a throw-in.

Centre (CL) clearance
Clearances from a centre ball-up.

Stoppage (CL) clearance
Clearances from a ball-up or throw-in.

Frees for
A free possession of the ball after a player is interfered with and is awarded a free kick by the umpires.

Knocking the ball out of a ‘ruck’ contest at a stoppage, giving clear control of the ball to either team.

Touching the ball to the ground, either by directly placing the ball on the turf or by bouncing the ball on the run. Players can't run with the ball more than 15m without a bounce.

Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4
First quarter, Second quarter, Third quarter, Fourth quarter.