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Confirmed debutants: Who's locked in for R1?

UPDATE: Cat added to debutant draftees and recycled players

2:30pm  Mar 22, 2018

Mid-season trade is new committee's priority

AFL announces new 10-15 person team to head up competitions

2:41pm  Mar 21, 2018

Ex-Magpie to mentor Irish draft prospects

Marty Clarke accepts part-time role developing Irish talent

1:00pm  Mar 21, 2018

US on hold as AFL revamps draft strategy

AFL to put US Draft Combine aside in favour of Irish program

12:37pm  Mar 21, 2018

Tall order: Big prospects on menu for new camp

AFL introduces 'talls camp' for key position players and ruckmen

11:56am  Mar 21, 2018

Up for grabs: Pre-season pick could be traded

Wooden-spooner could use draft pick as trade leverage under AFL plan

5:11pm  Mar 16, 2018

Push for mid-season trading gathers steam

More player movement inevitable in 2019, some clubs feel

6:47pm  Mar 14, 2018

Freo at the NFL on 'live pick trading' mission

Dockers list boss was at NFL Combine ahead of likely draft change

5:58pm  Mar 13, 2018

COMMENT: Is the draft becoming compromised?

Are the AFL's new initiatives good for the draft?

10:00am  Mar 8, 2018

State leagues wary of mid-season draft idea

Second-tier comps fear prospect of losing their best players mid-season

12:03pm  Mar 2, 2018

AFL considers boost for states' U18 talent

League looks at restructuring talent pathway, including Academy program

10:48am  Mar 2, 2018

Lukosius shows why he could be No.1

Versatile South Australian prospect dominates trial game from back half

12:59pm  Mar 1, 2018

Draft's bounty of sons, brothers, cousins

Familiar names abound among this year's top draft prospects

11:20am  Mar 1, 2018


A future match-winner

Tomorrow's Heroes: The top-three talent with real star power

7:00am  Nov 21, 2016

The no-fuss defender

Tomorrow's Heroes: Jack Scrimshaw is an intriguing top-10 draft prospect

7:00am  Nov 22, 2016

Shapes games like few others

Tomorrow's Heroes: The top-10 talent who loves to tackle

9:04am  Nov 20, 2016

Jy back in the running

It has taken a while, but injured draft prospect is back on track

9:01pm  Nov 17, 2016

Playmaker with 'polish'

Tomorrow's heroes: The unlucky half-back with plenty to offer

9:06pm  Nov 16, 2016

Great grandson of a gun

Tomorrow's heroes: With consistency, this draft prospect could be anything

6:10pm  Nov 13, 2016

This year's Mr Fix It

Tomorrow's heroes: Giants have first dibs on this versatile young star

8:07pm  Nov 10, 2016

High pick, future captain

Tomorrow's heroes: Andrew McGrath will be in a club's best 22 immediately

7:33pm  Nov 4, 2016

Big body, ready for AFL

Tomorrow's heroes: Sam Powell-Pepper can play straight away

9:00am  Nov 1, 2016

Shades of the Bont

Tomorrow's heroes: Giants have first access to this top-five talent

8:29pm  Oct 31, 2016

As tough as they come

Tomorrow's heroes: Jarrod Berry isn't afraid to put his body in harm's way

6:43pm  Oct 28, 2016

Academy Sun set to shine

Tomorrow's heroes: The Suns' academy has delivered its first star

7:39pm  Oct 27, 2016

Bowling them over

Tomorrow's heroes: NSW tall swaps cricket for footy

7:00am  Oct 26, 2016

English's stocks soar

Tomorrow's heroes: WA ruck goes from late pick to top-10 chance

7:01am  Oct 25, 2016

Tim Taranto, big-game gun

Tomorrow's heroes: He gets the ball and backs himself to use it well

7:19pm  Oct 24, 2016