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Fans' verdict: Crows flying towards anniversary flag

Adelaide's mid-season report card Jen Phelan takes a look at the Crows season so far
Crows' fans say their club's form is pointing the way to a Grand Final - AFL,Adelaide Crows,Mid-season reviews,Your say
Crows' fans say their club's form is pointing the way to a Grand Final

A PREMIERSHIP on the 20th anniversary of Adelaide's first AFL flag is in Crows fans' sights after their stunning first half of the season.

Delivering their mid-season verdict on Adelaide in an survey, 80 per cent of Crows fans were bullish in expecting their side to push on to earn the double chance.

Star midfielder Rory Sloane divided critics as Adelaide finished the bye period in top spot with a League-high percentage of 141.8.

But fans voted Sloane the team's best performer so far, with Rory Laird hot on his heels.

Speedster David Mackay has spent time in a variety of positions across his 10 games this year, but has been judged the club's biggest underperformer.

Second-year coach Don Pyke received a ringing endorsement from supporters.

Here are the full survey results, plus as a selection of Crows fans' views on their great expectations for the second half of the year.


It'll be a good year for the Crows if …

We win the Grand Final – in an even year it is up for grabs. We need to hunt the ball and body more.
- Justin Warren, Adelaide SA

Secure a top two finish and finally make a Grand Final appearance.
- Phillip Stampton, Hallett Cove SA

Win a tough final, bury the nightmare 2016 v the Swans, and make the Grand Final.
- Matt Sullivan, Adelaide SA

At minimum, preliminary final. But we need to make the Grand Final to be considered a great year.
- Cameron Scott Tee, Christies Downs SA

We are premiers to match the 1997 20-year anniversary.
- Gail Alexander, Clarence Gardens SA

We can find two solid contested ball kings and the Crouchies keep getting better.
- Shaun Watson, Elizabeth SA

We aren't so reliant on Sloane, and have more consistency from the midfield.
- James Fenton, Mandurah WA

The Rorys hold up the premiership cup and Sloane wins the Norm Smith.
- Adam Croxton, Maroochydore Qld

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