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Match report: Swans in after-the-siren thriller

Rohan guides his side to stunning victory after the siren

10:38pm  Jun 23, 2017

Carlton re-signs three young defenders

Blues secure Williamson, Macreadie and Byrne to long-term deals

9:09pm  Jun 23, 2017

ACL injury outs Geelong youngster for the season

Training incident ends young midfielder's season

6:35pm  Jun 23, 2017

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Swans go ballistic in the rooms

10:49pm  Jun 23, 2017

Huge score review decision

10:26pm  Jun 23, 2017

Nine Things We Learned


Six things we learned from round 13

Veterans good enough to play on next season, plus more lessons

9:09pm Jun 18, 2017


Seven things we learned from round 12

Coaches know their players best, plus more lessons

6:01pm Jun 12, 2017


Six things we learned from round 11

Cats' other successful recruits, Power forward responds, plus more

7:28pm Jun 4, 2017


Nine things we learned from round 10

Dockers back to square one, old Hawks have still got it, plus more

7:30pm May 28, 2017


Eight things we learned from round nine

It's the Tigers' own fault, the Pies haven't given up, plus more

7:17pm May 21, 2017


Nine things we learned from round eight

Crows desperately need Rory to break a tag, plus more lessons

7:30pm May 14, 2017


Nine things we learned from round six

Toby's not getting the message, plus more lessons from round six

7:24pm Apr 30, 2017


Nine things we learned from round three

Freo has some fight left, plus more round three lessons

7:30pm Apr 9, 2017


Nine things we learned: Tigers tackle their biggest issue

Bob's still got it, plus more lessons from round one

10:25pm Mar 26, 2017


Nine things we learned

Stevie J might have inspired Boomer, plus more round 23 lessons

8:44pm Aug 28, 2016


Nine things we learned

The Demons still know how to disappoint, plus more round 22 lessons

7:25pm Aug 21, 2016


Nine things we learned

Buddy's primed for September, plus more round 21 lessons

7:20pm Aug 14, 2016


Nine things we learned

The Pies have a big problem to tackle, plus more round 20 lessons

7:14pm Aug 7, 2016


Nine things we learned

Twelve months is a long time for West Coast's tattered Web

7:42pm Jul 31, 2016


Nine things we learned

Horse's punt on youth pays off, plus more round 18 lessons

7:41pm Jul 24, 2016


Nine things we learned

Joe Biden went to the wrong game, plus more round 17 lessons

8:52pm Jul 17, 2016


Nine things we learned

GWS could have blown its season, plus more round 16 lessons

8:25pm Jul 10, 2016


Six things we learned from round 15

The brains behind the Bulldogs' brilliance, plus more round 15 lessons

6:11pm Jul 3, 2016


Six things we learned from round 14

Ailing Dockers have hit the wall, plus more round 14 lessons

7:41pm Jun 26, 2016


Six things we learned from round 13

The Hawks' next big-game player, plus more round 13 lessons

7:41pm Jun 19, 2016