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Reinventing Buddy

How Franklin has evolved and why the Swans need him to evolve again

8:06am  Apr 18, 2014

Brown stands up, but where's his help?

Milestone man found little support in a stellar performance in game 250

11:59pm  Apr 17, 2014

Talking points: Jumper names' small issue

TALKING POINTS: Jonathan Brown winds back the clock

11:04pm  Apr 17, 2014

Nine things we learned

The big lessons from every game in every round of the 2013 premiership season


Nine things we learned

A Dog and a Roo on the rise, Blues at rock bottom and a Caff attack

7:15pm Apr 13, 2014


What we learned

Tigers must use Jack Riewoldt plus the other lessons from round three

10:11pm Apr 6, 2014


Nine things we learned

Sandi's revival, Kelly looks bad in green and the Dees, still dismal

7:15pm Mar 30, 2014


What we learned

Ross Lyon has a soft touch, plus more lessons from round 23

9:06pm Sep 1, 2013


What we learned

Blues can't blame pigeons this time, plus more lessons from round 22

9:22pm Aug 25, 2013


Things we learned

Blues have the heart for September, Grundy leads the Pies' charge and Cats are purring

7:36pm Aug 18, 2013


Worth the wait

Swans' faith in Tippett was justified, plus more lessons from round 19

7:44pm Aug 4, 2013


The nine things

If Roughead doesn't get you. Buddy must, Pies can't cruise, plus more lessons from round 18

7:30pm Jul 28, 2013


Nine things we learned from round 17

Tiger fans are safe to plan for finals and the Suns have plenty of ruck depth

7:30pm Jul 21, 2013


Nine things we learned from round 16

Pies' reunited midfield makes them a flag threat as Saints find a post-Riewoldt forward threat

7:00pm Jul 14, 2013


What we learned

Collingwood solves its forward-line problem, while the Cats keep finding new heroes

7:22pm Jul 7, 2013


Nine things we learned from round 14

Watson's a mental warrior, the Cats' luxury of falls and Carlton can't get it done when close

10:00pm Jun 30, 2013


Six things we learned from round 13

Voss should give thanks for Murphy's Law, the Dogs are on the right track and Fyfe shoud rue his suspension

9:00pm Jun 23, 2013


Six things we learned from round 12

Freo's forward threat is growing, plus more lessons from round 12

9:00pm Jun 16, 2013


Six things we learned from round 11

The Suns find a new weapon, plus more lessons from the long weekend

5:50pm Jun 10, 2013


Nine things we learned from round 10

The Cats are growing taller, Pies find a new hero, and are the Dons stumbling again?

10:22pm Jun 3, 2013


Nine things we learned from round nine

Freo's forwards find their groove, and the Kangas are forming some mental scars

7:15pm May 26, 2013


Paying the price

THINGS WE LEARNED: Voss happy with physical Lions and Geelong needs Stevie J

7:00pm May 19, 2013


Nine things we learned

Stephen Wells is (still) a genius and Tippett can't return soon enough for the Swans

10:42pm May 13, 2013


Nine things we learned from round six

Fremantle doesn't need Sandilands, plus more lessons from round six

7:30pm May 5, 2013