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Head duckers on notice

4:53pm  Mar 22, 2017

Dons get schooled on the rules

2:14pm  Jan 19, 2017

Were the Giants robbed?

3:13pm  Sep 27, 2016

Were the Giants 'robbed'?

10:39am  Sep 26, 2016

Umpire News


Star Cat wants AFL to keep the bounce

Star Cat doesn't want the AFL to get rid of the centre bounce

2:59pm Feb 23, 2017


Umpires coach in favour of scrapping bounce

Umps coach says throwing up the ball is the way to go

8:42am Feb 22, 2017


Dunn should have been penalised: umpires

Umpires say the new rushed behind interpretation failed its first test

10:50am Feb 17, 2017


Reward the tackler: Gill backs tough stuff

AFL boss wants more free kicks paid when tackle results in ball spilling free

8:00am Feb 9, 2017


Umps need more training: Horse's post-GF chat

Sydney coach reveals he spoke to the AFL about Grand Final umpires

10:54am Feb 7, 2017


'Third man up' rule means no more ruck surprises

Teams must nominate their rucks at each contest in 2017 under new rule

7:59pm Jan 27, 2017


Entertaining Rodan gets goal umpiring gig

Former AFL star David Rodan gets goal umpiring call-up for pre-season

4:32pm Jan 27, 2017


Three key issues for umps in 2017: new boss

Umpires to focus on three main issues in 2017, says new boss

2:13pm Jan 19, 2017


Rosebury misses out as umps named for semis

Veteran misses out as AFL names umpires for prelim finals

7:46pm Sep 15, 2016


Umps OK with Hawks' shepherding tactic

Hawthorn's shepherding tactic gets the all-clear from the umpires

5:25pm Sep 12, 2016


Debutant headlines first week umpires list

A September debut as umpires named for opening week of finals

1:55pm Sep 7, 2016


Stricter deliberate rule achieves AFL's goal

Stricter interpretation on deliberate achieves fewer stoppages

6:15pm Aug 29, 2016


Montagna OK to let ball go out: umps

Laws committee to discuss deliberate out-of-bounds rule at season's end

3:35pm Aug 22, 2016


AFL making it 'really difficult' for umps: Roos

Dees coach says the AFL has made it hard for umpires to do job

4:21pm Aug 17, 2016


Umpires admit error on rushed behind call

Don should have been penalised for deliberate rushed behind

3:45pm Aug 15, 2016


Umpires admit error on 'taking out legs' rule

Hickey decision correct, but umpires admit free-kick error

10:29pm Aug 1, 2016


Saints to seek clarity on controversial calls

Controversial free a hot topic with St Kilda to question AFL

11:59pm Jul 30, 2016


Deliberate frees against Demons were correct

Dom Tyson, Max Gawn rightly penalised for deliberate out of bounds

9:57pm Jul 25, 2016


Demons copped 'raw end of a couple': Tyson

Midfielder says deliberate out of bounds decisions dubious at best

9:26pm Jul 23, 2016


Umps must protect players first, says Duncan

Concussion fears mean umps must err on side of caution, says Cats mid

1:13pm Jul 5, 2016