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Umps wrong on Betts 50m penalty: AFL

Play on was the right call, plus Buddy 'probably' ran too far

3:59pm Aug 21, 2017


Watch the umpire talk, AFL warns clubs

Hardwick, Gawn comments trigger written warning from League HQ

12:43pm Aug 18, 2017


Dees get straight answer on Gawn frees

Umpires boss tells Demons what Max did wrong against Saints

4:28pm Aug 15, 2017


Demons to query umpires on Max whacks

Demons to ask umpires department about free kicks against ruckman

5:15pm Aug 13, 2017


Who are the umpires' pets and naughty boys?

Former umpire Stuart Wenn analyses free kick trends in 2017

7:30am Aug 12, 2017


Rodan's long road rolling on

After 185 AFL games, goal umpiring is David Rodan's latest challenge

3:44pm Jul 28, 2017


Extra ump will reduce off-ball incidents: Nicholls

Veteran whistleblower a big fan of introducing an extra field umpire

6:54am Jul 21, 2017


I like red card, but with reservations: Bartel

Sending-off rule has merit, says MRP member and Cats great

8:11am Jul 4, 2017


Beveridge bristles at umpire bias claims

Dogs coach concerned by potential umpire bias claims

11:03am Jun 30, 2017


AFL's big backflip on the 'shot clock'

League to keep 'shot clocks' on scoreboards for the complete quarter

12:50pm Jun 29, 2017


'Lethal' slams umps over Higgins' call

Four-time premiership coach hits out at 'deplorable' umpiring

2:00pm Jun 25, 2017


2017 Hall of Fame: Umpire Brett Allen honoured for stellar career

Umpire Brett Allen is a 2017 inductee into the AFL Hall of Fame

8:48pm Jun 20, 2017


Clarkson cops big fine for umpiring comments

Hawks coach to donate fine for umpire comments to Freeze MND

5:54pm Jun 12, 2017


'I apologise to the umps and also the AFL'

Alastair Clarkson says sorry for criticism of contentious 50m penalty

5:12pm Jun 11, 2017


Top Hawk backs rushed behind rule

No complaints from Isaac Smith over polarising decision

1:16pm May 29, 2017


Four-umpire trial returns in bye rounds

There will be four field umpires per match during the bye rounds

1:12pm May 29, 2017


League ticks off no 50m call for Dusty

AFL says the umpires were correct to not award crucial late penalty

6:37pm May 22, 2017


Glouftsis to bounce back with second match

Umpiring department gives Eleni Glouftsis' debut the tick of approval

2:22pm May 22, 2017


AFL may king-hit jumper punches: McLachlan

AFL may look at rule changes to stamp out jumper punches

1:21pm May 22, 2017


First female field umpire to make AFL debut

Eleni Glouftsis to make AFL history at Dons-Eagles clash

10:17am May 16, 2017