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AFL umpire named SA's Young Australian of the Year

The first female to umpire in an AFL game, Eleni Glouftsis, has received 2019 Australia Day honours

4:48pm Nov 2, 2018


AFL legend slams umpires over late 'choke'

Leigh Matthews picks out 'illegal shepherd' before Dom Sheed mark

1:14pm Sep 30, 2018


AFL chooses experience in GF umps

Seventeen Grand Finals between the three whistleblowers chosen

11:17am Sep 25, 2018


'It's so impressive': Ump praises AFL initiative

Umpire's personal experience highlights importance of organ donation

1:37pm Jul 26, 2018


Thanks, Razor: Dee's low-five of gratitude

Demon explains touchy-feely moment with umpire after positive call

10:48am Jul 15, 2018


Shaw sees no drama in a touchy subject

AFL is too precious about innocent umpire contact, says Giant

12:42pm Jul 12, 2018


Free kick differential 'alarming': Woosha

Essendon plans to meet umpires boss over lopsided free kick count

5:04pm Jul 10, 2018


AFL cracks down on deliberate time wasters

Umpires being instructed to call play on as tactic emerges

5:13pm Jul 6, 2018


'Let the players play', Hardwick pleads

Richmond coach frustrated with umpires, despite the win

11:47pm Jun 28, 2018


Free kicks on the rise under four-ump trial

Statistics reveal a rise in free kicks per game across past fortnight

5:27pm Jun 25, 2018


Top umpires double up over bye rounds

Four-umpire trial means team of umps will officiate twice this week

9:34am Jun 14, 2018


Home ground advantage debate 'interesting'

Giants coach discusses lopsided free kick count against Crows

11:32am Jun 8, 2018


New umpire trial could help extend longevity

Four field umpires for rounds 13 and 14, with an eye to 2019

12:30pm Jun 5, 2018


Umpires to don special indigenous shirt

Two students from the Worawa Aboriginal College design new look

2:27pm May 23, 2018


Talia sliding penalty the right call, says AFL

AFL backs umpire decision against Crow for contact below knees

5:57pm May 21, 2018


No more warnings on umpires' exit path

Slow restarts at stoppages as League looks to reduce congestion

5:01pm May 16, 2018


AFL fast-tracks promising female umpires

New academy will see more women and girls in charge at the top

9:50am May 13, 2018


'Razor' sharp as he readies for 300th game

Colourful umpire Ray Chamberlain hits a major Anzac Day milestone

7:00am Apr 25, 2018


Three 'deliberate' free kicks wrong: Hocking

AFL says umps got three deliberate out of bounds calls wrong

3:35pm Apr 9, 2018


AFLW: Umpire finds her perfect prescription

International health and development specialist reignites her passion

9:00am Mar 8, 2018