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No drug culture at Blues: Waite

Blue Jarrad Waite says he would be happy to be drug tested daily - ${keywords}
Blue Jarrad Waite says he would be happy to be drug tested daily
AFL PLAYERS who place their careers in jeopardy by taking illicit drugs are stupid, Carlton forward Jarrad Waite says.

On the eve of the AFL's first drugs summit, Waite said consuming alcohol was "bad enough" but that drug-taking was infinitely worse.

He said he was unaware of the extent to which drugs had infiltrated the AFL but declared there was no drug culture at Carlton.

Waite said he had no issue with the League's illicit drugs policy, which he hailed as "the best drugs system in the world", and would be happy for more drug tests to be conducted. He would be "surprised" if peers risked being caught, he said.

"I don't see any (drugs)," Waite told a press conference in Lygon Street on Tuesday afternoon.

"Listen, I wouldn't mind if I get tested every day of the week because I don't do it. In a sense, if they want to do more tests then that's good because I have got full confidence that, especially at Carlton, we don't have a drug culture.

"And I would be very surprised if blokes who are professional athletes (were) putting their careers at risk by doing drugs and doing stupid things like that."

Asked whether he felt taking drugs was an act of stupidity, Waite said: "I think it is. Obviously, we're high profile, people look out for you. If you want to risk your AFL career, then go ahead, do it every weekend. But it's not something I would ever do, and I would be very upset if (any of) our players were out there every weekend getting on the drugs.

"Alcohol is bad enough, but then mixing drugs, you're senses are a bit all over the joint. You wouldn't be risking that."