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Blues players 'have bought supplements online'

Carlton midfielder Andrew Carrazzo - ${keywords}
Carlton midfielder Andrew Carrazzo
AS THE Essendon supplements scandal unfolds, Carlton midfielder Andrew Carrazzo has revealed that some of his teammates have purchased supplements online.

However, Carrazzo insisted that Blues players always sought permission from the club doctor to use such substances.

"I've never personally been someone who's taken many supplements at all – protein is probably as far as I would go," he told a press conference at Visy Park on Wednesday.

"Everything at our club gets ticked off by the doctor.

"I know some guys (have bought) stuff over the internet in the past and they’re always careful to check with our doctor Ben Barresi first and he'll check the list with what's allowed and what's not allowed.

"In this day and age, you've just got to be super, super careful …

"I only know how our club's run, I only know what our processes are and the channels that things go through.

"From a Carlton point of view, I just know things are checked off – how it's run through our doctor, how it's run through our sports science people – that something like this just wouldn’t happen."

Asked about his initial reaction to the Bomber controversy, Carrazzo said that "like most people, (I was) a bit surprised and just unsure about the fact and details.

"Look, it is something the players need to be concerned with. But also, speaking on behalf of myself and our club, it is important that you’re careful and it is important that it is ticked off by the right people and goes through the right channels."