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Veteran Cat still in the Hunt

Josh Hunt at Geelong training - ${keywords}
Josh Hunt at Geelong training
WHEN they were granted only one-year contracts late last year, Geelong veterans and great mates Josh Hunt and Paul Chapman pledged not to worry about whether their time in the AFL was almost up.

Instead, they decided to make 2013 their one of their most enjoyable seasons at the club.

So far, the positive attitude has worked wonders for Chapman, who has been burning up the track since the players returned from their Christmas break.

But a case of glandular fever means things haven't been so rosy for Hunt.

"Obviously, it's not a whole lot of fun at the minute," he told

"I'm sure 'Chap' is having a lot more fun when he's running personal bests in time-trials and that sort of stuff."

Although Hunt, who turns 31 in March, is very keen to prove himself this year and be retained on Geelong's list for 2014, he isn't letting his predicament get him down.

"It's one of those things where it's going to do you more harm than good to worry about it," he said.

"The cards have been laid out there and they're the ones I've been dealt, so there's no point sitting there worrying about a one-year contract.
"That's how it is. From what I've heard, 'Boomer' Harvey has been on one-year contracts at North Melbourne forever it seems. He's been able to handle it really well.

"I've got to be like Chap pretty much – just enjoy the year. I've got to put that to the back of my mind, enjoy being out there, enjoy being around the boys and play good footy.

"If that all happens then the rest will look after itself."

Hunt certainly hasn't lost sight of his original goal to have fun.

"I think I'm going into this year like every other year, really," he said. "You want to go out there and enjoy what you're doing.

"At this time of year it's hard work and you've got to find a way to make things fun.

"I just want to get back out there. The fun thing for me will be to just get back out on the track, start training and feel a part of it again after being away for so long.

"I want to feel good about training and feel good during training."

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