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Jurrah camp confident of 'not guilty' verdict

Liam Jurrah with his grandmother Cecily Granites in 2011 - ${keywords}
Liam Jurrah with his grandmother Cecily Granites in 2011
LIAM Jurrah is expected to maintain a plea of not guilty when his trial over an alleged machete attack begins in the Northern Territory Supreme Court next week.

It will be just over a year since a wild alcohol-fuelled brawl at the Little Sisters Town Camp on the outskirts of Alice Springs landed the former-Melbourne player in jail.

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There is serious contention about what happened that night, and it will all play out in what's slated to be a five-day trial in front of NT chief justice Trevor Riley. understands the Jurrah camp remains confident he'll be cleared.

The 24-year-old is facing four charges in total, three counts of aggravated assault and one case of unlawfully causing serious harm.

Ahead of the trial those close to Jurrah have provided some insight into the role alcohol has played in the footballer's life.

It's emerged, that despite growing up in a community where alcohol was a major problem, it was only after he was drafted by the Demons that it became an issue for him.