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March 4, 2013 7:56 AM


Swans chairman Richard Colless plants a kiss on Adam Goodes' forehead after the club's Grand Final victory over Hawthorn

I must say, the thought of Carlton lecturing people about the salary cap is quite amusing. In fact, I found that absolutely hilarious
PUNISH Carlton chief executive Greg Swann - that is the advice of Sydney Swans chairman Richard Colless after Swann attacked the club's 'cost-of-living' allowance.

Tensions are simmering between the clubs, and Greater Western Sydney has joined their cross-town rival to voice disappoinment in Carlton and Swann's comments.

GWS chairman Tony Shepherd condemned the Blues, saying: ''I must say the thought of Carlton lecturing people about the salary cap is quite amusing. In fact, I found that absolutely hilarious.''

Last week Swann said: ''We are staggered that the premiers can add an $800,000-per-season player to their list without shedding anyone. The only way they can do that is the allowance, and we think it's not right. It's not how the system should work.''

Colless was "bitterly disappointed" with Swann's remarks and believes the comments have broken AFL rule 1.6.

''I think Greg's comments were prejudicial to the interests of the AFL and I think he should be sanctioned," he told Fairfax.
''The reputation of the game has been sullied … and I think Greg needs to look in the mirror. No one, including Greg, has bothered to contact us to understand this issue.
''I would say to Greg, 'Get your own club debt-free and hopefully play in finals'. Quite frankly, his comments were pathetic.''
Shepherd said the 9.8 per cent cost-of-living allowance afforded the Sydney clubs should be raised to between 13 and 14 per cent. Colless believes the "true difference" is about 20 per cent.

Greater Western Sydney will propose a Total Player Payments increase of almost $400,000, believing that the AFL's cost-of-living allowance for the Sydney clubs is too low.
The Giants' proposal is certain to come under fire from several powerful Melbourne-based clubs who already oppose the Sydney clubs' additional salary cap money of $900,000.
It is reported the Giants' submission will be put to the AFL Commission later this month.