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Lance Franklin on Port's radar

Hot property: Lance Franklin in action during the NAB Cup - ${keywords}
Hot property: Lance Franklin in action during the NAB Cup

PORT Adelaide wants Lance Franklin, says David Koch.

The Power chairman said his club would "love a marquee player" and the Hawthorn champion goalkicker fitted the bill.

"We’re in the market for Buddy as well. We’ve got plenty of room under our salary cap for next year and he would be part of our target as well," Koch said.

However, Koch conceded Franklin would have immense marketability as an AFL ambassador in Sydney. 

"To be completely honest, I think he would," Koch said.

"I saw him quite a bit over summer in Sydney. He hangs out in Sydney, he hangs out with the Waratahs guys, the rugby union guys quite a lot.

"He hangs out around Bondi, the Cross and where all the beautiful young people go ... from what I saw of him, he seemed to be enjoying the environment."

Koch also called for the AFL to scrap the controversial Sydney salary cap allowance. 

Koch, who is based in Sydney, said it was time the AFL shifted its focus back to the traditional heartland clubs.

"They don’t need any extra money whatsoever," he said.

"I think those days are pretty well gone. It is more expensive (in Sydney) but there are more opportunities for a lot of players in Sydney for things outside of football. I think it measures up.

"I actually think the AFL has got to start focusing back on the traditional heartland clubs rather than the expansion teams and look at their core again and give us a bit of a break as well."

Koch called for the extra salary cap room to be phased out over a number of years.

"I think you've got to phase it down, because people have made plans over a period of time," he said.

After signing a new sponsorship agreement with Renault, Koch said his next priority would be to finalise the club's agreement with Adelaide Oval, which will host the Power and Adelaide Crows from 2014.

"To be completely honest, we haven’t seen a final lease agreement for Adelaide Oval," Koch said.

"It’s all tied up in the transfer of the licence. That’s something that we'll be looking closely at and negotiating over the next two or three months. But that’s our next priority."