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I do not have a drug problem: Swan

Dane Swan has strongly rejected rumours he has a problem with illicit drugs - ${keywords}
Dane Swan has strongly rejected rumours he has a problem with illicit drugs
COLLINGWOOD Brownlow medallist Dane Swan has denied ever recording a strike under the AFL's illicit drugs policy.

Swan said it "baffled" him where rumours about his off-field antics came from.

"No I do not have a strike under that policy," Swan told Channel Nine's The Footy Show on Thursday night.

"I know the confidentiality is something that we hold as AFL players very dearly, and I suppose the confidentiality is something we really respect and something we want to uphold in the drug code.

"But there are just so many rumours about me.

"I've heard that I've got three strikes and the AFL is hiding it not to suspend me and stuff like that.

"So it's just ridiculous and no I've never had a strike ever."

Swan also denied being one of the four reported Collingwood players to have self-reported themselves to the AFL last season, in order to avoid having a strike recorded against their names.

"No I wasn't and I've got no idea who those four are," Swan said.

"The only time I've ever read about it was when it was in the paper that's the only time I ever read about it and some of our teammates self reporting."

The 29-year-old said he didn't have a drug problem.

"Absolutely not, it baffles me where it comes from, I can categorically tell you now I do not have a drug problem," Swan said.

"People no matter what I say here aren't going to believe me anyway, but I can tell you now I certainly do not have a drug problem."

Swan said he'd had numerous chats with Collingwood officials about his behaviour, but was confident he had turned himself around since being suspended mid-way through 2012 for breaking a club-imposed alcohol ban.

"Clearly I haven't been the perfect model footballer if you will, so I've had to be talked to a couple of times," Swan said.

"When I had the alcohol thing last year I fully understand and I'm not bitter for having had these conversations I certainly expected them.

"We've had a couple of frank conversations and I realise where I'm at and I like to think they know where I'm going and where I'm at too.

"So I welcome those conversations and hopefully there is not more negative publicity about me for a while now."
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