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I was hit by a machete: Jurrah's cousin

AAP  March 14, 2013 1:36 PM


Basil Jurrah has given evidence against his cousin Liam (pictured)

THE ALLEGED victim in the assault case against Liam Jurrah has told a court he was attacked with a machete and a nulla nulla by the former AFL player in an incident when another man hit him with an axe and kicked him.

The trial of Jurrah stretched into its fourth day on Thursday with his cousin, Basil Jurrah, giving evidence.

Liam Jurrah stands accused of seriously injuring Basil Jurrah at a fight on March 7 last year at the Little Sisters town camp on the edge of Alice Springs.

Speaking via an interpreter from his native Warlpiri language, Basil Jurrah said his cousin had hit him twice in the back of the head.

"I was hit by a machete," Basil Jurrah said while talking about Liam Jurrah's alleged role in the incident.

He told the Alice Springs Supreme Court that after he was hit by a machete, Liam Jurrah hit him on the leg three times with a nulla nulla - a type of traditional Aboriginal club.

Basil Jurrah was taken to hospital after the alleged attack.

In earlier evidence the court was told Liam Jurrah had been involved in two violent incidents at Little Sisters on March 7.

The first incident allegedly occurred about 10pm (CST) in which some fighting took place and the second incident was said to have occurred about an hour later when Jurrah and a group of people returned.

It was during the second incident that Basil Jurrah was allegedly attacked.