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Official AFL Player Ratings: No.10

Player Ratings: No.10 See why Carlton superstar Chris Judd comes in at number 10 in the Official AFL Player Ratings
CARLTON superstar Chris Judd might be entering the latter stages of his career, but the two-time Brownlow medallist and six-time All Australian remains one of the best players in the competition.

And his standing in the game has been confirmed by the Official AFL Player Ratings, brought to you by Vero, in which Judd sat at No.10 after round four.

Player ratings: frequently asked questions

Judd ranks highly in several key categories that are considered when calculating a player's rating.

Champion Data's statistics show that since 2011 the 29-year-old has been 10th in score assists, 13th in contested possessions, 11th in clearances and fourth when it comes to goals launched from clearances.

"The best player of this generation, I believe," Brisbane Lions co-captain Jonathan Brown told

"He will go down as one of the top five players of all-time."

The Official AFL Player Ratings will be launched on Thursday, May 9.

The ratings are the result of the most sophisticated, detailed and wide-ranging statistical system ever devised for AFL footy. Official AFL Player ratings will allow fans to determine where more than 650 listed players rank against each other.

If you are keen to find out exactly how the ratings work, you can read the initial FAQ here.

In the meantime, we are counting down to launch with a series of exclusive videos in which the top-rated players are discussed and analysed by those with a unique insight into their genius – their opponents.

Judd is the first cab off the rank. His 2006 West Coast premiership teammate Dean Cox is among the opponents who discuss why Judd is so good.

"The best inside, outside player I've ever seen," Cox says. "Great endurance, great power, great speed."

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* The top 10 that we are counting down in the lead-up to the launch of the Official AFL Player Ratings, brought to you by Vero, is how it stood after round four of this season.