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Doc Larkins' injury list: round seven

Sam Gilbert faces a stint on the sidelines after injuring his knee against Collingwood
Brad Crouch (hamstring) - 1 week
Sam Shaw (hamstring) - 5 weeks
Nathan van Berlo (knee) - test
Taylor Walker (knee) - season
Lewis Johnston (knee) - 8 weeks
Ricky Henderson (calf) - test
Rory Laird (corked thigh) - test
The Doc says: Walker will have the uncommon allograft/hamstring reconstruction this week and miss the season. Henderson remains in doubt and the loss of Lewis Johnston (knee fracture sustained in the SANFL) for six to eight weeks compounds the Crows' forward woes. Van Berlo will have a fitness test late in the week to see if he's overcome the internal bone bruising in his knee sustained in round three. He is an outside chance to play but maybe not at senior level.

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Callum Bartlett (cheekbone) - 2 weeks
Claye Beams (ACL) - season
Matt Maguire (leg) - test
Stefan Martin (ankle) - 6 weeks
Jesse O'Brien (adductor) - 1-2 weeks
Jared Polec (ankle) - 6 weeks
Daniel Rich (shoulder) - 6 weeks
Patrick Wearden (jaw) - 8-10 weeks
Stephen Wrigley (knee) - season
The Doc says: Maguire has missed six weeks with a calf injury after Lions had hoped for two initially and both Rich and Martin are still six weeks away.

Andrew Carrazzo (corked calf) - TBC
Marcus Davies (hamstring) - TBC
Bryce Gibbs (hamstring) - TBC
Nick Graham (knee) - 7-8 weeks
Matthew Kreuzer (thumb) - TBC
Andrew McInnes (knee) - 7-8 weeks
Rhys O'Keeffe (foot) - indefinite
Chris Yarran (hamstring) - TBC
The Doc says: Yarran and Gibbs are both nursing hamstring concerns and remain doubtful this week. Carrazzo is unlikely to be risked because of a bleed in his calf. Kreuzer has missed three weeks but may return wearing a protective guard on his thumb.

Dayne Beams (quad) - 2 weeks
Tim Broomhead (glandular fever) - 4-5 weeks
Brodie Grundy (back) - 2-3 weeks
Michael Hartley (shoulder) - 2 weeks
Jack Frost (knee) - 5-6 weeks
Lachlan Keeffe (knee) - 2-3 weeks
Kyle Martin (leg) – test
Nick Maxwell (wrist) - 2 weeks
Adam Oxley (hip) – test
Jackson Ramsay (wrist) - 6-7 weeks
Alan Toovey (knee) – season
Clinton Young (hamstring) - 2 weeks
The Doc says: Beams is edging closer but Pies are unlikely to risk him in the next two weeks after the recurrence of his left quad injury. Maxwell will need one to two more weeks as does Young but Ben Johnson is in the mix for a senior return.

Brent Stanton (groin) - test
The Doc says: Hurley (ankle), Carlisle (midfoot), Fletcher (adductor) and Heppell (groin) – who all missed last week - are in the mix for Friday night but will need to pass rigorous tests, especially Carlisle. Stanton (adductor bleed/cork) is better than the Bombers expected but remains in doubt with the short recovery for Friday.

Kepler Bradley (knee) - season
Max Duffy (hamstring) - 2 weeks
Stephen Hill (quad) - test
Sam Menegola (knee) - 14 weeks
Craig Moller (quad) - 2 weeks
Anthony Morabito (knee) - 3-5 weeks
Matthew Pavlich (Achilles) - 2-3 weeks
Aaron Sandilands (hamstring) - 5-6 weeks
The Doc says: Fremantle has been hit badly with injuries in the past few weeks. Hill is doubtful but Clarke (calf) and Duffield (calf) may be right. Sandilands (hammy surgery), Pavlich (achilles/plantaris surgery) and Morabito (LARS/hamstring ACL) are still a long way off.

Paul Chapman (hamstring) - test
Josh Cowan (Achilles) - 2-4 weeks
Tom Hawkins (back) - test
Lincoln McCarthy (foot) - indefinite
Hamish McIntosh (knee, Achilles) - 2-4 weeks
Daniel Menzel (knee) - season
Jared Rivers (knee) - 3-5 weeks
Travis Varcoe (shoulder) - 8-10 weeks
Josh Walker (shoulder) - test
The Doc says: Rivers (knee surgery) will need at least three to four more weeks but Chapman will have fitness test on Thursday and is likely to play. Hawkins is still sore but played last week and is good to go. Menzel is having a two-stage ACL reconstruction – one this week and the second in four to six weeks.

Nathan Bock (Ieg) - indefinite
Charlie Dixon (ankle) - test
Steven May (hamstring) - test
Seb Tape (knee) - test
Matthew Warnock (arm) - 8 weeks
Mav Weller (shoulder) - 4 weeks
Joel Wilkinson (ankle) - 6 weeks
The Doc says: Dixon (right ankle) remains sore and may not be risked while May is also unlikely to be picked. Warnock (wrist fracture) and Wilkinson (left ankle) are both out for a minimum of six weeks.

Chad Cornes (knee) - indefinite
Phil Davis (back) - 6 Weeks
Kristian Jaksch (knee) - 4 weeks
Setanta O'hAilpin (calf) - test
Jono O'Rourke (jaw) - 4 weeks
Jonathon Patton (knee) - season
Andrew Phillips (hamstring) - 1 week
Sam Schulz (virus) - 1 week
Dom Tyson (knee) - 2 weeks
The Doc says: The Giants are a young side finding its way with fatigue and soreness a real factor for inexperienced players. Whitfield (sore) should return but O'hAilpin (calf strain) is doubtful for one to two more weeks.

Jed Anderson (hamstring) - test
Xavier Ellis (calf) - 1-2 weeks
Brent Guerra (knee) - test
Cyril Rioli (hamstring) - 6 weeks
Ryan Schoenmakers (knee) - season
Matthew Suckling (knee) - season
Brendan Whitecross (knee) - 4 weeks
Alex Woodward (knee) - season
The Doc says: Guerra (right knee hyper-extension) is sore and is likely to miss. The Hawks have quite a few long-term injuries and even Rioli and Whitecross won't return before mid-season.

Jack Grimes (collarbone) - 6-8 weeks
Mitch Clark (foot) - 6-8 weeks
Jack Watts (hamstring) - 1-2 weeks
Mark Jamar (groin) - 1-2 weeks
Nathan Stark (groin) - 1-2 weeks
The Doc says: Grimes (left clavicle/collarbone) had surgery on Monday and will miss seven to eight weeks minimum. Clark (foot surgery) is long term and both Watts and Jamar need another week off before considering fitness tests.

Tom Curran (foot) - season
Daniel Currie (thumb) - 6 weeks
Taylor Garner (ankle) - test
Eric Wallace (knee) - test
The Doc says: Currie (thumb ligament surgery) is an unwelcome loss for six weeks but North continues its record as one of the least injury prone AFL clubs in the past 10 years.

Danny Butcher (AC joint) - available
Brett Ebert (adductor) - 2-4 weeks
Jasper Pittard (hip flexor) - test
Jackson Trengove (foot) - 9 weeks
The Doc says: Pittard is ready for full testing this week. Overall, Port Adelaide is travelling above average with injury stats. Trengove (foot stress break) is the only major concern.

Reece Conca (foot) - 3-4 weeks
Dylan Grimes (foot) - 1-2 weeks
Ivan Maric (ankle) - test
Ricky Petterd (calf) - 1-2 weeks
Brett O'Hanlon (ankle) - 3-4 weeks
Ty Vickery (concussion) - test
The Doc says: Maric is an outside chance to play while Grimes and Petterd could miss two to three games. Vickery is more likely to pass a concussion assessment late in week.

Sam Gilbert (knee) – 8-12 weeks
Lenny Hayes (calf) – 2-4 weeks
Beau Maister (wrist) – 1-2 weeks
Daniel Markworth (ACL) – season
Adam Schneider (hamstring) – 1-3 weeks
The Doc says: Gilbert (knee lateral stabilisation) is a big loss for up to three months. Hayes (calf tear sustained in warm up against Collingwood) will be carefully watched as the recurrence risk at training is high over the next three weeks.

Harry Cunningham (knee) - 1-2 weeks
Alex Johnson (knee) - season
Sam Naismith (knee) - indefinite
Lewis Roberts-Thomson (knee) - 6 weeks
Gary Rohan (leg) - indefinite
Rhyce Shaw (abdomen) - 1-2 weeks
The Doc says: Shaw is slowly recovering but is limited in his sprinting and kicking power. LRT will be slow due to his limited run at training for another three weeks.


Sam Butler (calf) - 1 week
Andrew Embley (foot) - test
Murray Newman (knee) - 3 weeks
Mark Nicoski (hamstring) - 2 weeks
Luke Shuey (calf) - test
Beau Waters (adductor) - 1 week
The Doc says: Shuey (left calf) is a concern and won't be risked if he's not 100 per cent. Embley is an outside chance to play if he trains well on Thursday. Waters may miss two weeks.

Sam Butler (calf) - 1 week
Andrew Embley (foot) - test
Murray Newman (knee) - 3 weeks
Mark Nicoski (hamstring) - 2 weeks
Luke Shuey (calf) - test
Beau Waters (adductor) - 1 week
The Doc says: Shuey (left calf) is a concern and won't be risked if he's not 100 per cent. Embley is an outside chance to play if he trains well on Thursday. Waters may miss two weeks.

Tory Dickson (shoulder) - 5 weeks
Daniel Giansiracusa (scapula) - test
Ryan Griffen (SC joint) - test
Shaun Higgins (foot) - season
Lin Jong (leg) – 5-7 weeks
Nick Lower (eye) - available
Robert Murphy (calf) - test
Jake Stringer (cork) - available
Michael Talia (broken jaw) - 3-5 weeks
Tom Williams (adductor) - test
The Doc says: Quite a few Dogs face rigorous tests later this week - Giansiracusa is the best placed in the test group while Murphy is an outside chance.