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Doc Larkins' injury list: round nine

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Sam Shaw (hamstring) - 3-4 weeks
Lewis Johnston (knee) - 6-8 weeks
Taylor Walker (knee) - season

The Doc says: The Crows had a brief scare with Jenkins when he strained his right knee but he's been cleared of concern and is expected to play this week. There are no other new injury concerns.

Claye Beams (knee) - season
Stefan Martin (ankle) - 4-5 weeks
Jared Polec (ankle) - 4 weeks
Daniel Rich (scapula) - 4-5 weeks
Patrick Wearden (face) - 3 weeks
Stephen Wrigley (knee) - season

The Doc says: Maguire is at last off the injury list but those who remain on it are all out for at least a month, with Rich and Martin both still limited in training loads.

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Andrew Carrazzo (calf) - test
David Ellard (calf) - 4 weeks
Bryce Gibbs (hamstring) - test
Nick Graham (knee) - 3 weeks
Andrew McInnes (knee) - 3 weeks
Rhys O'Keeffe (foot) - indefinite
Chris Yarran (hamstring) - 1 week

The Doc says: Gibbs (has missed three) and Carrazzo (also three) are in the mix for sure this week, barring any training setbacks. Yarran will need one to two more weeks before risking his hamstring again.

Dayne Beams (quad) - 6 weeks
Marty Clarke (illness) - available
Alex Fasolo (foot) - indefinite
Jack Frost (knee) - 5-6 weeks
Tyson Goldsack (hip) - 1-2 weeks
Brodie Grundy (back) - available
Michael Hartley (shoulder) - 2 weeks
Lachlan Keeffe (knee) - available
Jackson Ramsay (wrist) - 6-7 weeks
Dale Thomas (ankle) - indefinite
Alan Toovey (knee) - season
Clinton Young (hamstring) - 2-4 weeks

The Doc says: Thomas has had a further unwelcome setback with his chronic right ankle injury and had open surgery on Tuesday to repair tendon damage. He'll need a minimum rehab period of 12 weeks but his season is in doubt unless he makes perfect progress. Beams similarly has not fully healed after his left quad tear and has now been given a further four to six weeks to slowly build up his recovery. Goldsack will train again this week and may be an outside chance to return in two weeks.

Alwyn Davey (hamstring) - 1-2 weeks
Michael Hibberd (adductor) - test
Michael Hurley (concussion) - test
Nathan Lovett-Murray (bicep) - TBC

The Doc says: Hurley will have further concussion tests throughout the week and will not be picked unless he trains fully and all his tests are clear. Hibberd was injured in the first quarter last Friday but played out the game with left adductor soreness. He will need to pass rigorous testing before playing this week.

Kepler Bradley (knee) - season
Hayden Crozier (groin) - test
Max Duffy (hamstring) - test
Jonathon Griffin (knee) - season
Stephen Hill (quad) - 1 week
Sam Menegola (knee) - 12 weeks
Craig Moller (quad) - test
Anthony Morabito (knee) - 3-4 weeks
Lachie Neale (ankle) - 2-3 weeks
Matthew Pavlich (Achilles) - 1 week
Aaron Sandilands (hamstring) - 5 weeks
Michael Walters (ankle) - 3 weeks

The Doc says: Walters has a left ankle sprain that looked high grade and scans have confirmed damage to the internal stabilising membrane (syndesmosis) as well as medial damage. He is expected to miss at least three to four weeks but will lose match conditioning during his layoff. Pavlich and Hill are progressing slowly but should return by round 10.

Paul Chapman (hamstring) - 1 week
Josh Cowan (Achilles) - available
Taylor Hunt (broken collarbone) - 5 weeks
Steve Johnson (calf) - test
Lincoln McCarthy (foot) - indefinite
Hamish McIntosh (Achilles) - 2-3 weeks
Daniel Menzel (knee) - season
Jared Rivers (knee) - 2-4 weeks
Jesse Stringer (hamstring) - test
Travis Varcoe (shoulder) - 6 weeks

The Doc says: Smedts has lateral ankle ligament damage and will be slow all week, leaving him in doubt for this weekend. Johnson missed with calf soreness but should return. Chapman continues to challenge the medical staff due to ongoing tendon irritation in his lower hamstring – these are always slow and are prone to flare up at any stage. He remains unlikely at this point. 

Nathan Bock (leg) - indefinite
Charlie Dixon (ankle) - 1 week
Karmichael Hunt (hamstring) - 1 week
Zac Smith (knee) – season
Matthew Warnock (arm) – indefinite

The Doc says: Smith has been confirmed as sustaining a right knee ACL tear, which is the 16th in AFL this season. He will have reco surgery over the coming week and return in 2014. Dixon did not fully recover in time last week but is a better chance now. Hunt will need another week to get his hamstring through the risk period.

Chad Cornes (knee) - indefinite
Phil Davis (back) - 2 weeks
Kristian Jaksch (knee) - 2 weeks
Jono O’Rourke (jaw) - 1 week
Jonathon Patton (knee) - season
Andrew Phillips (hamstring) - 1-2 weeks

The Doc says: O'hAilpin is likely to push for selection after his calf strain. Davis has a back stress fracture but is slowly improving while Phillips is also at least two weeks from being available.

Xavier Ellis (calf) - test
Cyril Rioli (hamstring) - TBC
Ryan Schoenmakers (knee) - season
Matt Suckling (knee) - season
Brendan Whitecross (knee) - 2-3 weeks
Alex Woodward (knee) - season

The Doc says: No new major concerns for the Hawks last week. Hill was a late withdrawal last week with a thigh, which the club said was precautionary, and he faces a fitness test. Gibson's right ankle injury from round seven didn't come up as expected but he is likely to be available this week. 

Shannon Byrnes (wrist) - test
Mitch Clark (foot) - 4-6 weeks
Jack Grimes (shoulder) - 5-7 weeks
Tom McDonald (shoulder) - 1-2 weeks
Nathan Stark (groin) - 1 week
Jimmy Toumpas (ankle) - 2 weeks
Jack Viney (foot) - 2-3 weeks

The Doc says: Toumpas was in severe pain after his left ankle injury sustained on Sunday against Richmond. He will miss two to three weeks at a minimum. Viney has a metatarsal stress reaction that will take three to four weeks to settle, costing him valuable running time. Byrnes should be OK to push for selection. Watts is fully training this week and is likely to be available for senior selection.  

Daniel Currie (thumb) - 5 weeks
Tom Curran (foot) - season
Taylor Garner (ankle) - test
Kieran Harper (ankle) - 2-4 weeks
Robbie Tarrant (leg) – 1- 2 weeks
Ben Speight (ankle) – test

The Doc says: Garner and Speight will be tested late in the week and should be right if needed. Swallow was a surprise selection against West Coast but seemed to get through the game without restriction and had no strapping on his right knee. The club is still likely to give him a light week at training to avoid a flare up.

Dom Cassisi (hamstring) - 3-4 weeks
Brett Ebert (adductor) - 3 weeks
Jasper Pittard (hip flexor) - 3-4 weeks
Brent Renouf (knee) - 2 weeks
Jackson Trengove (foot) - 7 weeks

The Doc says: Cassisi returned after a week off with hamstring "soreness" but reinjured it and needs further assessment on his left hamstring. He is likely to miss three to four games at best now. Renouf was rested with ongoing knee irritation but is likely to another need one to two weeks off before testing.

Ricky Petterd (calf) - 2 weeks
Dylan Grimes (foot) - 6-8 weeks
Chris Newman (groin soreness) - test
Reece Conca (foot) - 1-2 weeks
Brett O'Hanlon (ankle) - 1-2 weeks
Shane Tuck (shoulder) - 5-7 weeks
Chris Knights (knee) - season

The Doc says: Newman missed last week with adductor soreness from training and is expected to face a fitness test later in the week. Grimes' foot stress injury is worse than predicted from round six – he will struggle to get back playing until late in the season. Maric is expected to push for selection late in week.

Sam Gilbert (knee) - 7-10 weeks
Lenny Hayes (calf) - 1-2 weeks
Daniel Markworth (ACL) - season
Darren Minchington (hamstring) - 1-2 weeks
Adam Schneider (hamstring) - 2-3 weeks
Tom Simpkin (quad) - 1-2 weeks
Nathan Wright (jaw) - 1-2 weeks

The Doc says: No new concerns were reported by the Saints last weekend and no one is likely to return from the current injury list. Hayes and Simpkin will be carefully monitored to avoid a recurrence.

Harry Cunningham (knee) - 1 week
Matthew Dick (hamstring) - test
Alex Johnson (knee) - season
Marty Mattner (hip) - test
Tim Membrey (hamstring) - test
Sam Naismith (knee) - indefinite
Lewis Roberts-Thomson (knee) - 3-5 weeks
Gary Rohan (leg) - indefinite
Rhyce Shaw (abdomen) - 1 week

The Doc says: Mattner missed last week and may still need another week off - he will be tested on Thursday. Shaw is progressing slowly but won't be risked until training at full intensity, which may be in two weeks.

Sam Butler (calf) - test
Scott Lycett (groin) - test
Murray Newman (knee) - 3 weeks
Will Schofield (finger) - 3-4 weeks
Ashley Smith (hip) - test
Sharrod Wellingham (ankle) - 5-7 weeks

The Doc says: Wellingham has suffered another setback with a new left ankle "high sprain", which means deep inner ligament damage as well as the medial capsule. He may miss six to eight weeks and will be limited in all running activity for three to four. Schofield had surgery to repair major finger ligament damage in his left hand after a compound (bone through skin) dislocation and will miss three to four games and use strapping to return. Butler's calf will be tested this week and both Nicoski (hamstring surgery) and Bennell (ACL return) are gaining match fitness at WAFL level. Embley played in the WAFL last week following his midfoot injury and is certainly in the mix for a senior return. 

Ayce Cordy (stress fractures) - 3 weeks
Tory Dickson (ankle) - 3 weeks
Shaun Higgins (foot) - season
Lin Jong (leg) - 4 weeks
Easton Wood (hamstring) - 3-4 weeks

The Doc says: No new concerns for the Dogs, and no likely returns this week.
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