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Lions fans want old jumper back

A members group is demanding the Lions return to the jumper worn during their past three flags (pictured) - ${keywords}
A members group is demanding the Lions return to the jumper worn during their past three flags (pictured)
THE BRISBANE Lions will retain their guernsey until at least the end of 2014 despite a members group calling for its change.

'The Lion's Roar' group has established a website calling on members and fans to lodge their support to return to the Lions' traditional jumper and away from the "Paddlepop Lion" adopted in late 2009.

On Friday night the Lions will wear the traditional jumper to honour the hat-trick of premierships from 2001-2003.

In two days 600 fans have registered their support for the jumper to remain permanently. The group will distribute 10,000 flyers on the project outside the Gabba at Friday night's Lions-Collingwood match.

Lions CEO Malcolm Holmes said although the club was always interested in hearing from their fans and members, they simply could not change at the moment.

"The AFL have a policy where we are locked into the end of the 2014 season with the current guernsey," Holmes said.

"I appreciate and understand the passion and how important it is to these people but there's some bigger and other challenges we have to deal with."

Holmes and Lions chairman Angus Johnson were not in their respective positions when the guernsey was changed.

The Lion's Roar spokesman Adam Staines said there was a lack of consultation with the initial process that bred significant disenchantment with the club's administration, which still lingers.

"The jumper is so important to the identity, culture and heritage of a football club," Staines said.

"The number of fans registering with us via our website shows that people still feel passionate about this issue.

"The board should be about serving the members and supporters.  To do that, they have to ask us what we want.  We want the club to give members and supporters the chance to vote on this issue.

"There are good people on the board but they are perpetuating a bad decision made by the previous administration.  We support the current board and are hopeful that this campaign prompts them to do the right thing and give fans a vote."

Holmes said the Lions would reassess after 2014 and in the meantime they would continue to respect the past.
"We've got a members charter and we're committed to consult with our members if we change anything significant," Holmes said.

"We'll look at it at that time (in 2014)."

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