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Match Review Panel system will be reviewed

The rule that saw Kangaroo Lindsay Thomas cleared by the MRP could be scrapped - ${keywords}
The rule that saw Kangaroo Lindsay Thomas cleared by the MRP could be scrapped
NEW AFL football operations manager Mark Evans will review the contentious Match Review Panel system at season's end.

Evans, who has been in the job for just over two months, said he could understand frustrations with the system.

"It does get confusing when we're adding up base points and we're adding or subtracting points for record," Evans told Channel Nine's Footy Show.

"And then we're adding carry-over points, and then we're reducing points for an early plea, and it gets confusing at the back end of it all to say, why is this two weeks, or that one was one week, or that one was off and that one was three (weeks)."

Evans said it had been discussed as to whether the MRP could introduce a simple system of just determining a week by week penalty, without the added confusion of points.

"I've had it thrown to me, would we not come up with a system that instead of it being 125 points, do we not just call that one week?

"And then you might have a reduction because of your record or an early plea, or if you've got a bad record it goes from one week to two weeks.

"That might be a really simple way of explaining what's already there anyway."

In the full interview, to be aired on this weekend's Sunday Footy Show, Evans also said the controversial rule that saw Lindsay Thomas cleared by the MRP could be scrapped.

Thomas was cleared as head clashes do not fall under the normal head-high contact rules.
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