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11:17pm Mar 27, 2014

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Sliding doors: round 10

Damian Barrett  May 31, 2013 8:16 AM


If this man wins the Coleman medal, disregard every single word ever spoken about the need for a goalkicker to have a relaxed and set routine


only about eight per cent of neutral football watchers knew of Sam Kerridge’s existence last Sunday morning … … at least 65 per cent did by Sunday night. No longer 'Sam Who?'
Brisbane Lions
the Lions honestly felt it was worthwhile taking the Jonathan Brown case to the tribunal … … one has to question their smarts.
Blues fans start getting excited, as in really excited, about Jarrad Waite … … just be careful. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again, but history says caution required.
Hawthorn had adopted Collingwood’s hardline stance on chubby players ...
… it wouldn’t have won the ’08 flag! Stewart Dew looked like he’d eaten a sheep, whole, that entire year and yet without him, Hawks wouldn’t have won.
the Bombers aren’t wrapping Michael Hurley in cotton wool for September … … they should be.
the Dockers can get Pav and Sandi on the same park together this season, and the talk is that they will … … they’ll be premiership favourites at some stage this year.
any young player deserves a break … … it is Nathan Vardy. Good luck on the return mate.
Gold Coast
people didn’t fully acknowledge the brilliance of the Suns last week when they carved up the Hawks at various stages … … they should have. Now tracking beautifully in the big picture.
Greater Western Sydney
the Giants aren’t already handing out free tickets for their Round 12 home match against Port Adelaide ...
... they’d better start. Might be less than 5000.
you were one of the Hawks fans who gave Buddy the Bronx cheer in the second quarter last Sunday … … hang your head in shame and have a really good hard look at where you’re at.
Melbourne heavies have already made up their minds on Mark Neeld, and some of them have … … do the right thing at Melbourne’s board meeting and make the call to part company that night. Don’t leave him hanging for your own benefit.
North Melbourne North Melbourne loses another game this season by less than a goal … … what is already extreme embarrassment for this club will turn into disgrace. How To Waste A Season 101.
Port Adelaide
the Power lose to the Dogs this week, and therefore lose a fifth consecutive match … … every glowing word said and written in the opening five rounds will start being thought of as hot air.
Richmond doesn’t start adopting a forward-50 game plan which allows Jack Riewoldt to strut around like the superstar he is …
… his talent is being wasted. He needs to have the licence to be The Man, and let’s face it, the other plan is not working.
St Kilda
it wasn’t for Melbourne and North Melbourne ... … the talk of the town, for the wrong reasons, would have been the Saints. 2-7 after nine. Hmmm.
Sydney Swans
anyone in the history of this game deserves a week where nothing but his extraordinary and beautiful footy talent is the focus of his work … … it is Adam Goodes. Please let that be the case. We can only hope.
West Coast
Josh Kennedy wins the Coleman … … disregard every single word ever spoken about the need for a goalkicker to have a relaxed and set routine.
Western Bulldogs the Dogs can back up their performance last weekend against the Power on Sunday … … we’ll be talking. One win doesn’t change perceptions. Two in a row will start that process.