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Doc Larkins' injury list: round 11

Courtenay Dempsey is crunched by Nick Smith during the Bombers' clash with Essendon - ${keywords}
Courtenay Dempsey is crunched by Nick Smith during the Bombers' clash with Essendon
Lewis Johnston (knee) - 5 weeks
Nick Joyce (concussion) - test
David Mackay (hip) - test
Sam Shaw (hamstring) - 1-2 weeks
Taylor Walker (knee) - season

The Doc says: Once again, the Crows have no new injury concerns. Shaw may train this week but won't be risked. Mackay was subbed out in the third quarter and faces an easy week before possible testing.

Claye Beams (knee) - season
Matthew Leuenberger (thumb) - 4 weeks
Stefan Martin (ankle) - 3 weeks
Jared Polec (ankle) - 3 weeks
Daniel Rich (scapula) - 3 weeks
Tom Rockliff (quad) - 1 week
Patrick Wearden (face) - 1 week
Stephen Wrigley (knee) - season

The Doc says: Rockliff should still be nursed carefully this week and across the Lions' bye weekend.

Andrew Carrazzo (calf) – 1 week
David Ellard (calf) - 4 weeks
Nick Graham (knee) - 2 week
Chris Judd (hamstring) - test
Kane Lucas (hamstring) - test
Andrew McInnes (knee) - test
Rhys O'Keeffe (foot) - indefinite
Robert Warnock (knee) - test

The Doc says:  Judd was a late withdrawal on Saturday with hammy "tightness after training" but is unlikely to be risked given he also had a hamstring injury in the pre-season. Carrazzo is closer to a full test this week after missing five games. Jamison was sore in the groin/hip at three-quarter time and was subbed out. He will get treatment but should be OK to train. Ellard (bad calf tear in round seven) is unlikely to make senior selection before rounds 14 or 15.

Dayne Beams (quad) – 4-5 weeks
Travis Cloke (viral gastric upset) – available
Sam Dwyer (groin) – available
Alex Fasolo (foot) - indefinite
Jack Frost (knee) – 3-5 weeks
Tyson Goldsack (hip) – 1 week
Michael Hartley (shoulder) – 1 week
Ben Johnson (calf) – 2 weeks
Lachlan Keeffe (bruised kidney) – 1 week
Jackson Ramsay (wrist) – 3 weeks
Jordan Russell (ankle) – available
Dale Thomas (ankle) – indefinite
Alan Toovey (knee) – season
Clinton Young (hamstring) – 2-3 weeks

The Doc says: Maxwell was reported as hammy soreness and subbed out from Friday night's game as a precaution but the Pies are confident he is right. Goldsack is slowly recovering but not expected to return until after the bye. Dwyer and Russell need to impress at training after missing round 10. Russell is more likely to play. Cloke was a late withdrawal with a viral gastric upset but the club is confident he'll be fit for Monday.

Courtenay Dempsey (chest) - test
Scott Gumbleton (ankle) - test
Ben Howlett (shoulder) - available
Michael Hurley (ankle) - test
Dyson Heppell (ankle) - available
Leroy Jetta (ankle) - test
Nathan Lovett-Murray (arm) - test

The Doc says: Dempsey's injury looked serious but chest scans excluded a collapsed lung or rib fracture. He remains unlikely to play. Gumbleton and Heppell need more treatment on ankle injuries but may be available. Hurley will train but is not yet fully recovered from a left ankle re-injury from round nine and it will be risky to play him.

Kepler Bradley (knee) - season
Jesse Crichton (hip) - test
Jonathon Griffin (knee) - season
Sam Menegola (knee) - 10 weeks
Anthony Morabito (knee) - 3-4 weeks
Lachie Neale (ankle) - test
Matthew Pavlich (Achilles) - 1 week
Aaron Sandilands (hamstring) - 2-3 weeks
Hayden Schloithe (calf) – test
Alex Silvagni (ankle) – available
Michael Walters (ankle) - 2 weeks

The Doc says: Silvagni was a late withdrawal when his ankle failed to recover but will be OK after treatment this week. Freo has a bye so Neale and Crichton are also possible returns for round 12.

Josh Caddy (quad) - test
Paul Chapman (hamstring) - indefinite
Josh Cowan (hamstring) - 2-3 weeks
Taylor Hunt (broken collarbone) - 3 weeks
George Horlin-Smith (thigh) - test
Lincoln McCarthy (foot) - indefinite
Hamish McIntosh (Achilles) - test
Daniel Menzel (knee) – season
Steven Motlop (patella tendonitis) – 1 week
James Podsiadly  (knee, ankle) - test
Jared Rivers (knee) – test
Billie Smedts (ankle) - test
Travis Varcoe (shoulder) - 3 weeks

The Doc says: Chapman's hamstring tendon has flared again and he is now "indefinite" - a sign that recovery is unpredictable and treatment options have not been as effective as expected. He will miss at least another month. Podsiadly should train fully but Caddy will most likely not be pushed. McIntosh (knee/Achilles) and Rivers (knee scope) may return through the VFL. Smedts missed round 10 but is in the mix to return. Motlop is sore after the weekend and will be rested for round 11. 

Harley Bennell (hamstring) - 2 weeks
Jared Brennan (knee) - 2 weeks
Campbell Brown (knee) - test
Charlie Dixon (ankle) - test
Karmichael Hunt (hamstring) - test
Jesse Lonergan (hamstring) - 4 weeks
Brandon Matera (ankle) - TBC
Steven May (corked thigh) - test
Zac Smith (knee) – season
Danny Stanley (ankle) - test
Timmy Sumner (adductor) - test
Matthew Warnock (arm) – indefinite
Joel Wilkinson (ankle) - test

The Doc says: Matera had a nasty ankle sprain with both medial and lateral ligament damage. He has an internal (syndesmosis) tear and will have surgery, and is likely to miss 10- 12 weeks at best. Brown has new left knee soreness and may miss. Stanley (ankle) and Wilkinson (ankle recurrence) are both sore and will be nursed all week. Sumner had an adductor injury and will need a test. Dixon (missed four) and Hunt (also four) are close to a return.

Dean Brogan (back) - test
Chad Cornes (knee) – indefinite
Phil Davis (back) - 3 weeks
Setanta O'hAilpin (knee) - test
Jonathon Patton (knee) - season
Andrew Phillips (hamstring) - 1 week

The Doc says: Brogan was a late withdrawal with back tightness but is expected to train this week. O'hAilpin was subbed out in the third quarter with a right knee knock – the other knee to the one he's had reconstructed – and will also need to pass testing.

Cyril Rioli (hamstring) - 2 weeks
Ryan Schoenmakers (knee) - season
Matt Suckling (knee) - season
Brendan Whitecross (knee) - 1 week
Alex Woodward (knee) - season

The Doc says: Rioli was always likely to be missing until after the bye but should be resuming full training into round 12. No new concerns for the Hawks.

Cyril Rioli is expected back after the bye.       Picture: AFL Media


Shannon Byrnes (wrist) – test
Mitch Clark (foot) – 4-5 weeks
James Frawley (hamstring) – 4 weeks
Jack Grimes (shoulder) – 4-5 weeks
Tom McDonald (shoulder) – test
Jack Viney (toe) – 2 weeks

The Doc says: Frawley injured his hammy late in the game and scans show a significant classic tear that will need at least four to five weeks to settle. Viney has missed three games with a foot stress fracture and should be available in round 13 after the bye.

Tom Curran (foot) - season
Daniel Currie (thumb) - 2 weeks
Kieran Harper (ankle) - test
Robbie Tarrant (leg) - 1-2 weeks

The Doc says: The Kangaroos continue to have one of the smallest injury lists in the competition. There are no new injuries after their commanding performance against St Kilda on the weekend. Tarrant continues his slow progress but should be in contention after the bye.

Dom Cassisi (hamstring) - 2 weeks
Brett Ebert (calf) - 2-3 weeks
Matthew Lobbe (ankle) - available
Jasper Pittard (hip flexor) - 2 weeks
Jarrad Redden (shoulder) - TBC
Brent Renouf (knee) - available
Jackson Trengove (foot) - 4-5 weeks

The Doc says: Redden badly dislocated his right shoulder in a ruck clash and there was some difficulty relocating the joint. He will consult with the club surgeon but will almost certainly have surgery and miss the rest of the season. Lobbe and Renouf are both ready for full fitness tests later this week and should be available.

Shane Edwards (eye) - test
Brandon Ellis (hamstring) - 1 week
Dylan Grimes (foot) - 5-7 weeks
Jake King (ankle) – 1 week
Chris Knights (knee) - season
Ricky Petterd (calf) - test
Shane Tuck (shoulder) - 4-6 weeks
Cadeyn Williams (shoulder) - season

The Doc says:
Conca – who played in the VFL on the weekend – and Edwards and Petterd are likely to play after the bye while Ellis will be considered an outside chance. King looked uncomfortable with his right ankle at the end of Monday night's game and was on crutches early in the week. He will benefit from the week off.  

Sam Gilbert (knee) – 6-9 weeks
Lenny Hayes (calf) – 2-3 weeks
Daniel Markworth (ACL) – season
Darren Minchington (hamstring) – 1-2 weeks
Adam Schneider (hamstring) – test
Nathan Wright (back) – scan

The Doc says: Schneider's hamstring recovery should allow him into full training after the bye but he is more likely to return at VFL level. The result of Wright's scan on his back is not yet available but he will be in doubt to play this week.

Matthew Dick (hamstring) - test
Alex Johnson (knee) - season
Sam Naismith (knee) - indefinite
Sam Reid (quad) 2-3 weeks
Lewis Roberts-Thomson (knee) - 4 weeks
Daniel Robinson (knee) - test
Gary Rohan (leg) - indefinite
Rhyce Shaw (abdomen) - indefinite
Tommy Walsh (hamstring) - season

The Doc says: Shaw has had a setback in his recovery and is now set to potentially miss another four to six weeks. Walsh had the most severe hamstring injury possible with complete separation of three tendons from the pelvic bone. He will require surgery to repair the hamstring attachment and will miss the remainder of the season. He should return to full performance in 2014 barring any complications.

Mitch Brown (eye) - test
Bradd Dalziell (concussion) – test
Brad Dick (hamstring) – TBC
Cale Morton (hamstring) - TBC
Murray Newman (knee) - 2 weeks
Will Schofield (finger) - 1 week
Adam Selwood (quad) - test
Beau Waters (quad) - test
Sharrod Wellingham (ankle) - 4-5 weeks

The Doc says: Brown was subbed out after sustaining a blow to the left eye but is expected to make a full recovery ahead of this coming weekend.

Matthew Boyd (calf) – test
Adam Cooney (hamstring) - test
Ayce Cordy (stress fractures) – test
Tory Dickson (ankle) – available
Shaun Higgins (foot) – season
Lin Jong (leg) – 1 week
Josh Prudden (ankle) – 2-3 weeks
Fletcher Roberts (quad) – 3-4 weeks
Koby Stevens (quad) – test
Tom Williams (shoulder) - TBC
Easton Wood (hamstring) – 4 weeks
Tom Young (calf) – 3-4 weeks

The Doc says:
Williams badly re-dislocated his right shoulder – the same one he had operated on in 2012 – and the Dogs will decide on surgery later in the week. The Dogs have the bye this week and Cooney, Stevens and Boyd are expected to be available for round 12.

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