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11:17pm Mar 27, 2014

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National Women’s Championships: day four

June 22, 2013 7:47 PM


Victoria won the Division One final against WA by 37 points


ACT v South Australia

ACT                       0.2   1.6   3.7   7.12   (54)
South Australia  1.0   2.1   2.4    2.6    (18)
ACT:  Hall 2, Dunn, Ghirardello, Irvine, Wallet, Woods
South Australia: Tynan, Swanson
ACT: Cogle, Hall, Mitchell, Rose, Irvine, Anderson
South Australia: Masiero, Williams, Mark, Tynan, Reid, McCarthy
ACT won the Division Two Championship

Heather Anderson (ACT) was named Division Two final best on ground
Staci Trindle-Price (Arafura) was the Division Two best and fairest
Karina Demant (ACT) was the Division Two leading goalkicker – 13 goals

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Victoria v Western Australia
Victoria                       1.2   5.4   6.7    7.8  (50)
Western Australia    0.0   0.3   0.5   1.7  (13)
Victoria: Jasmine Garner 3, Chiocci, Brennan, Vescio, Kearney
Western Australia: Matcham
Victoria: Brennan, Chiocci, Loynes, Hickey, Stevens, Hutchins
Western Australia: Matcham, Donnellan, Mascall, Player, Bentley, Lugg
Victoria won the Division One Championship

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Katie Brenan (Victoria) was named Division One final best on ground
Courtney Gum (NSW) won the Debbie Lee Medal - Division One best and fairest
Rachael Killian (South Australia) won the inaugural Melissa Backhouse Medal – rising star
Jasmine Garner (Victoria) was the Division One leading goalkicker – 13 goals
B: Fiona Boucher (WA), Megan Hutchins (Vic), Heather Anderson (ACT)
HB: Kara Dollellan (WA), Kirby Bentley (WA), Karen Paxman (Vic)
C: Rheanne Lugg (WA), Daisy Pearce (Vic), Stephanie Chiocci (Vic)
HF: Shelley Matcham (WA), Katie Brennan (Vic), Karina Demant (ACT)
F: Aasta O’Connor (Vic), Chelsea Randall (WA), Ellie Blackburn (Vic)
Rucks: Louise Wotton (Vic), Emma Kearney (Vic), Dana Hooker (WA)
Inter: Countney Gum (NSW), Kate Lutkins (Qld), Michelle Reid (SA), Jasmine Garner (Vic)