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Revamp the MRP, says Brad Scott

North coach Brad Scott says the MRP should be revamped - ${keywords}
North coach Brad Scott says the MRP should be revamped

THE MATCH Review Panel must be revamped to eradicate the 'incongruous' penalties that the points loading system produces, North Melbourne coach Brad Scott says. 

Scott contrasted the two-match penalty Adelaide's Shaun McKernan received this week for striking West Coast's Brad Sheppard with an elbow to the head with the three-week penalty North vice-captain Jack Ziebell was given for his bump on Crow Jarryd Lyons in round nine. 

McKernan's strike was assessed as warranting a three-match ban under the MRP points system, but his suspension was reduced to two matches after he received a 25 per cent points reduction for entering a guilty plea. 

However, Ziebell's ban for his bump on Lyon was upped from two to three matches because his previous poor record carried a 50 per cent points loading. 

Full MRP report for round 15

Scott said he was concerned players like Ziebell who made "split-second decisions" when attacking the ball were being harshly dealt with by the MRP. 

"They probably should get rubbed out if it's a reckless action, but I don't think they should have to carry loading for a period of time because it's incongruous at the moment to look at some of the findings and suggest that Jack Ziebell got a three-week suspension for his incident and Shaun McKernan got two," Scott said on Wednesday. 

"I know you can talk about loading and all these things but I mean it's just not right. 

"It's not right that we're losing players for two weeks for a pretty serious incident and Lindsay Thomas for a head-butt, which he should have got a week for stupidity, but he got two because of his loading. 

"It's not right at the moment, I think Mark Evans is well aware of that and I think there will be some changes at the end of the year. 

"How sweeping I'm not sure, but I think it's clear that there needs to be some change." 

Scott's suggestion McKernan was lucky to escape with a two-week suspension echoed his twin brother and Geelong coach Chris Scott's comments on Monday night

The Cats boss told Fox Footy's On The Couch program he thought Match Review Panel members should go from part-time to full-time employees. 

"I think they should be meeting after every game and going through the game forensically, making sure they cover off all the bases. 

"To get together for a couple of hours on Monday morning, I think does a disservice to the game." 

But the North Melbourne coach said he was not concerned at whether Match Review Panel members worked part-time or full-time, just that they did a thorough job. 

"I'm not concerned at the number of hours they work, I'm just concerned that they do a comprehensive job," Scott said. 

"It takes as long as it takes and if they need to spend more time on it, so be it. 

"I just think as long as it's a comprehensive look at the games everyone will be happy with that." 

Nick Bowen is a reporter with AFL Media. Follow him on Twitter @AFL_Nick