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Jennifer Phelan  January 15, 2014 2:47 PM


Daniel Jackson believes he could benefit from the interchange cap, but fears it won't suit some players

For mine, I see the risk of injury as a little bit of a concern
THE incoming interchange cap could increase the risk of injury to some players, Richmond veteran Daniel Jackson fears.

Jackson, 27, believes the 120-rotation cap will benefit players who possess a high endurance base, which will allow them to grind out games like they have in previous years. 
But he is worried about the increased level of fatigue and chance of injuries occurring as players get used to the cap.
"The rules and all these little interpretations along the way, it seems to me that they've been put in place to make the game faster and now we're saying the game's too fast and we need to slow it down," Jackson said on Wednesday.
"Well, why did we go down that path in the first place when all you're doing now is getting players who are at elite fitness and fatiguing them?
"For mine, I see the risk of injury as a little bit of a concern.
"I'm sure they've done their due diligence. It will be interesting to see how we go."
How the interchange cap could affect your club

Jackson believes the cap won't drastically affect the way Richmond plays.

The Tigers will start to expose their players to the changes in the coming weeks when their training turns to match practice ahead of the NAB Challenge next month.
Jackson said after getting used to "ballistic" running over the past few years as teams rushed to get players on and off the ground as quick as possible, there was going to be a period of adjustment needed.
But he said it should be minimal for the Tigers with their average rotation number around the cap mark, and he could actually be one of those who benefitted from the introduction.
"I know us personally, our average rotations last year were around that 120 mark so we just have to adjust a little bit, be a bit more aware," he said.
"For some clubs, it won't affect at all and for others it will have to come down a little bit.
"As an older player, I guess it goes two ways; for some players it will benefit because you can really grind it out like the old days.
"I'm getting slower these days so it might actually suit me.
"It will be interesting. Sometimes I'd like to see a bit more due diligence done over a period but the game's in great shape so I back them in that they've made the right decisions but time will tell."
The Tigers play their first of two NAB Challenge games on Friday, February 14 against Melbourne at Etihad Stadium.
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