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Crows want multi-faceted players: J-Pod

James Podsiadly with Patrick Dangerfield after last year's elimination final win over the Bulldogs - ${keywords}
James Podsiadly with Patrick Dangerfield after last year's elimination final win over the Bulldogs

THE REDUCED interchange cap means players are training to play in a variety of positions, Adelaide defensive coach James Podsiadly says.

The Geelong premiership player said the increased fitness demands of the reduction in rotations from 120 to 90 per game would not cause too many issues.

However the challenge for players, Podsiadly said, would be in filling a range of roles as a result of increased time on the ground.

Podsiadly, who was a key forward in the Cats' 2011 flag, told SEN the Crows were training players to be multi-faceted footballers.

"Most players know they are going to have to play multiple positions, so from a coaching perspective … around the League I would have thought there would be a lot of players being upskilled in different positions," Podsiadly said.

He said the Crows were excited about the talent on their list and had not focused on the impact of losing Patrick Dangerfield to Geelong.

Under new coach Don Pyke, the Crows were trying to create a football team that could play in whatever style the game demanded.

"These days if you are just a kicking side or a handballing side or rely on a couple of players you are not going to get too far in finals," Podsiadly said.

"[We] try to create a footballer who is well rounded, can assess situations and work their way through them."

Adelaide finished sixth in 2015 after defeating the Western Bulldogs in the first week of the finals.

How the team performs after losing Dangerfield will be one of the intriguing questions of the season.

Podsiadly acknowledged the 26-year-old as a significant talent but said the Crows were happy with the list at their disposal. 

"From our perspective we're really excited with what our list management did at the trade table and the draft picks we got in," Podsiadly said.

The Crows added Paul Seedsman, Curtly Hampton, Troy Menzel and Dean Gore during the trade period and have a talented bunch of youngsters including Jake Lever, Wayne Milera, Brad Crouch and Jake Kelly.