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Giants runner in the gun over time on field

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CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 25: Nick Maxwell, Leadership Coach of the Giants looks on during the 2016 NAB Challenge match between the GWS Giants and the Western Bulldogs at the Manuka Oval, Canberra on February 25, 2016. (Photo by Michael Willson/AFL Media)
Nick Maxwell is under investigation by the AFL

THE AFL is investigating the amount of time Greater Western Sydney runner Nick Maxwell is spending on the field.

A League spokesman told the umpires in the GWS-Carlton match on Sunday had mentioned the time Maxwell spent on the ground in their post-match notes.

The AFL's football operations department subsequently raised the issue at its post-round meeting and will review footage from Sunday's game over the next two days to determine whether action needs to be taken against Maxwell and the Giants.  

Maxwell's positioning at kick-ins against Carlton was also highlighted by Channel Nine on Monday night, with footage showing Maxwell placed himself along the edge of the centre square at eight of the Blues' 11 kick-ins.

Runners are banned from standing inside the opposition's defensive 50 at kick-ins, but there is no rule preventing them from standing anywhere else on the ground.

It is not clear whether the AFL's investigation will also review Maxwell's positioning at kick-ins.

In the wake of GWS's loss on Sunday, SEN commentator Danny Frawley called for the AFL to crack down on runners spending too much time on the ground, saying Maxwell, as GWS runner, coached players and blocked space at kick-ins.

"If you actually watch the runners at the moment, they're just out there far too long. Sprint on, sprint off, [don't be] out there for five to six minutes at a time," Frawley said on Monday.

"Simon Lethlean needs to have a look at the game to know what I'm talking about. It's just not on, make a stand.

"(Maxwell) is just biting off too much at the moment. He's out there coaching, telling players where to run.

"The big one that hurt me yesterday – and that's when I thought I can't watch it any more –  Carlton was kicking in, he was right on the centre-square line in the middle, he was actually part of the zone.

"I know the AFL says you can't go inside the forward 50, but you can't have them standing in the middle of the ground where the 45 (degree) kick comes in.

"(Maxwell) is doing a great job down there with the leadership, but you can't have 19 men on the field."

Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley suggested some clubs strategically placed runners in parts of the ground at stages during games.

"In the end, if the AFL or clubs believe this is something that they don't want to see, well then the feedback will go back and something will happen with when the runners can actually be on the field," Buckley told Channel Nine on Monday night.

"I would suggest that there are some clubs who would consider where they placed their runner at certain points. We have speculated on it as a coaching group going back over the games."

Greater Western Sydney has been contacted for comment.