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Fantasy form watch: Pigs shouldn't be allowed to tag

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ROUND 18 will go down as one of the most unpredictable and frustrating of the season. If it wasn't the underperforming Swans with their low scoring across the board, it was Tom Rockliff tagging Bryce Gibbs! I mean what is that all about? All I can say is thank the Fantasy gods for Tom Mitchell. There would be a red-hot scramble for the delete team button without him.

Fantasy pig

Dayne Beams is not only this week's pig, he is also the bargain of the week on the back of his round-high 142 from 30 touches, 10 marks and three goals in his most dominant performance since returning from injury. He played 90 per cent game time despite being limited at training the last few weeks, so don't hesitate to pick him up for under $500K this week.

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Honourable mention: Rory Sloane avoided the tag and what do you know? He absolutely dominated of course. Sloane overcame concussion tests during the week to destroy the Cats with 28 touches, seven tackles and three goals. He is another premium available for a bargain price, however susceptibility to a tag is still an issue.

Rage trades 

What were the Lions coaching staff thinking? Don't they know who Tom Rockliff is? If there isn't a rule about Pigs not being used as taggers, there should be. Since going down with a shoulder injury, Rocky hasn't been his high scoring self, but to see him playing a run with role doesn't sit well from a Fantasy coach's perspective. Worst part is, he did an awesome job, so will probably have to do it again next week. Let the Pig run free! On a positive note, he will be cheap next year.

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Honourable mention: Bryce Gibbs was the victim of Rocky’s tagging work, and if you need proof the Pig did a good job as a tagger, he held the Gibbsy to eight touches and just 37 points from 87 per cent game time. Devastating for Gibbs owners, but a few handy price drops for anyone wanting to pick him up for a bargain price in a few weeks.

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Cedric Cox had a great game against the Blues, gathering 18 possessions, taking four marks, laying five tackles and topping it off with a goal for 82 points. Former nominee Alex Witherden also deserves another mention after a massive last quarter boosted his total to 97 from 22 touches and a goal. I can't see a problem with Witherden playing out the season on the ground at this rate.

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The top five 

  • Dayne Beams: 142
  • Rory Sloane: 134
  • Jack Gunston: 132
  • Tom Mitchell: 130
  • Mitchael Hibberd: 129

Trade targets

  • Steele Sidebottom
  • Jack Crisp
  • Joel Selwood
  • Dayne Beams
  • Connor Blakely

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Fantasy mailbag

Enough from you thanks Mr Daly

Wow, both youngsters are capable of maintaining a spot on the ground but if I had to pick I would take Grundy because he is in the mix for a top two spot in his position.

I grabbed Jack this week and was very disappointed. I would look to Selwood and Beams if possible.

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