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Fantasy Grand Final watch: It's all about the Bud

The 10: round 23's best moments The final round of the season produced some fantastic highlights

WELL, there it is ladies and gentlemen! The season is done and dusted and as a result there are plenty of stars elevated to Norm Smith status. On a negative note, the 'never again' list also made a few additions following a slump on the big stage.

Fantasy Pig

Lance Franklin reminded everyone what a superstar he is with a round-high 171 after kicking a whopping ten goals on the biggest stage against the Blues. In unique match-ups, he basically made it impossible for non-owners to win. Ironically, it was only three weeks ago some coaches placed Buddy on the 'never again' list after scoring them 37 in the first week of finals.

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Honourable mention: Tom Mitchell had a few players score above him this week but credit where credit is due, the newest snouted pig finished the season with 120 which was about 90 points over what he needed to set the new record for the most Fantasy points in a season, overtaking the original Pig Dane Swan.

Nine things we learned from round 23

Rage Trades

Dylan Roberton certainly dropped off in the latter half of the year, but his performance in the all important Grand Final, or lack thereof has certainly fast-tracked him to the 'never again' list. On the big stage he pulled out his worst performance of the year by over 30 points, managing just 13 touches and one mark for 38 points leaving over 11 per cent of coaches very disappointed.

Honourable mention: I’m sorry Robbie Gray, but could you possibly have had an easier match up in the Grand Final than the Suns? If the mouth-watering fixture wasn’t enough on paper, surely the scoreline of 135 to 20 would provide an absolute scoring frenzy. I mean, even Sam Gray managed 127. But to score just 66 from seven kicks and one goal … it shows Robbie was cheap for a reason.

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In the race to remove all the rookies from our ground, many coaches were happy to ignore the fact that Alex Witherden was in fact a first-year player and happily leave him on the ground for the GF and he certainly didn’t let his faithful down with 27 touches, five marks and 99 points. A far cry from many of our ‘premiums’.

The top five

  • Lance Franklin: 171
  • Matt Crouch: 150
  • Rory Sloane: 149
  • Zach Mettett: 144
  • Brad Crouch: 133

Fantasy mailbag


Good work mate


Nice work mate, not far off a hat! Maybe next year.


Right back at you mate! We are looking at a national tour next year to spread the love!

Thanks for the year everybody, hopefully you all enjoyed the season and our content! See you next year.