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Final teams: Dees and Saints withdraw two

Tom McDonald will sit out Thursday night's clash - AFL,JLT Series,Melbourne Demons,St Kilda Saints
Tom McDonald will sit out Thursday night's clash

MELBOURNE duo Tom McDonald and James Harmes and St Kilda pair Sam Gilbert and Mav Weller will sit out Thursday night's JLT Community Series clash at Casey Fields.

With no replacements, both teams have opted to play with 24 players instead of the allowed 26.

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Meanwhile, Saints Josh Bruce and Jack Billings will play their first match at AFL level this year. Bruce, 25, had right knee surgery last December and returned through the VFL against the Northern Blues in a practice match last week, booting three goals.

Billings, 22, suffered a hamstring injury during match simulation in February.

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Both teams will have virtually full strength teams. Melbourne is missing veteran Jordan Lewis with a calf strain and Alex Neal-Bullen has been rested.

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Melbourne v St Kilda at Casey Fields, 7.05pm AEDT

Tom McDonald and James Harmes withdraw. No replacements
St Kilda:
Mav Weller and Sam Gilbert withdrawn. No replacements

1. J.Hogan, 2. N.Jones, 3. C.Salem, 5. C.Petracca, 8. J.Lever, 10. A.Brayshaw, 11. M.Gawn, 12. D.Tyson, 13. C.Oliver, 14. M.Hibberd, 15. B.Stretch, 17. S.Frost, 18. J.Melksham, 19. M.Hannan, 20. C.Maynard, 21. C.Pedersen, 23 B.Vince, 28. O.McDonald, 29. J.Hunt, 31. B.Fritsch, 32. T.Bugg, 36. J.Garlett, 39. N.Jetta, 42. J.Wagner 

Emerg: 9. C.Spargo, 16. D.Kent, 24. J.Kennedy Harris, 45. D.Keilty

In: N.Jetta, J.Garlett, D.Tyson, S.Frost
Out: J.Lewis (Injured), A.Neal-Bullen (rested), T.McDonald, J.Harmes

Notable absentees: Jack Viney, Jordan Lewis, Alex Neal-Bullen

1. T.Hickey, 2. J.Carlisle, 3. J.Steven, 4. J.Gresham, 5. S.Savage, 6. S.Ross, 7. L.Dunstan, 8. B.Acres, 9. J.Steele, 11. H.Clark, 14. J.Geary, 15. J.Billings, 16. J.Newnes, 17. D.Roberton, 20. D.Armitage, 22. N.Brown, 25. K.Stevens, 27. J.Bruce, 28. T.Membrey, 29. J.Webster, 32. P.McCartin, 33. N.Coffield, 35. J.Sinclair, 43. R.Marshall

Emerg: 13. J.Lonie, 24. L.Austin,  31. B.White , 34. N.Wright

In: J.Billings, J.Bruce, T.Hickey, K.Stevens
Out: B.Long, B.Longer (injured), J.Lonie, N.Wright, M.Weller, S.Gilbert

Notable absentees: Billy Longer, Jack Lonie, Josh Battle, Hugh Goddard