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Speed demons excite Crow

Paul Seedsman, Curtly Hampton will add plenty, Adelaide back says

8:34pm  Feb 8, 2016

ACL blow for Giant

GWS youngster to undergo knee reconstruction after training injury

7:31pm  Feb 8, 2016

'I'll tell him where to play'

Eagles coach to make the call on under-sized ruck partner for Nic Nat

6:22pm  Feb 8, 2016

2015 NAB AFL Rising Star

Jesse Hogan MELB 49
Patrick Cripps CARL 41
Dom Sheed WCE 27
Isaac Heeney SYD 12
Angus Brayshaw MELB 8
Touk Miller GC 6
Adam Saad GC 3
Jake Lever ADEL 2
Jordan De Goey COLL 1
Jackson Thurlow GEEL 1

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Latest Rising Star news

Can Petracca double up? Rising Star contenders

A look at the contenders for the 2016 NAB AFL Rising Star

1:31pm  Jan 8, 2016

Hogan's year-long injury a silver lining

Back injury that ruined Jesse Hogan's 2014 could be 'the best thing for him'

5:57pm  Sep 9, 2015

Big Demon wins NAB AFL Rising Star award

Young Dee a clear winner for this year's NAB AFL Rising Star award

3:43pm  Sep 9, 2015

23 years of NAB AFL Rising Star winners in pictures

A look back at the best images from the winners of this prestigious award

3:14pm  Sep 9, 2015

Hogan's Rising Star win as it happened

Demon Jesse Hogan takes out 2015's NAB AFL Rising Star Award

2:57pm  Sep 9, 2015

Know your Rising Stars?

Test your knowledge of the 22 Rising Star winners with our quick quiz

7:03am  Sep 9, 2015

AFL Media's Rising Star tips

Cripps, Hogan or someone else? And what about the best of the rest?

7:00am  Sep 9, 2015

Cripps, Hogan, wildcard: who will rise?

Nailbiter predicted between hard Blue and dominant Demon

7:00am  Sep 9, 2015

Rising Star race could end in a tie, AFL confirms

This year's Rising Star award could end in a tie, League confirms

12:35pm  Sep 8, 2015

The Rising Star contenders

From McIntosh to Fantasia, all NAB AFL Rising Star nominees profiled

7:00am  Sep 8, 2015

2015 nominees

1 RICH Kamdyn McIntosh
2 WB Mitch Honeychurch
3 SYD Isaac Heeney
4 CARL Patrick Cripps
5 GC Adam Saad
6 GEEL Cory Gregson
7 HAW Billy Hartung
8 GWS Cam McCarthy
9 MELB Jesse Hogan
10 MELB Angus Brayshaw
11 COLL Tim Broomhead
12 WB Tom Boyd
13 ADEL Charlie Cameron
14 STK Jack Lonie
15 WCE Dom Sheed
16 GC Touk Miller
17 ADEL Jake Lever
18 BL Harris Andrews
19 GEEL Jackson Thurlow
20 COLL Jordan De Goey
21 GEEL Darcy Lang
22 RICH Ben Lennon
23 ESS Orazio Fantasia