Ziebell to skipper Roos, club champ promoted

Tough midfielder new Roos skipper as club champ promoted to deputy

5:28pm  Dec 9, 2016

'We're not distracted'

Freo ruckman defends club's culture after another off-field indiscretion

4:50pm  Dec 9, 2016

Young Roo wins beep test

Changing of the guard continues as second-year Kanga stars

2:37pm  Dec 9, 2016

Match Review Panel and Tribunal

Tribunal and MRP

The latest rulings from the MRP, all the challenges heard at the AFL Tribunal, plus analysis of all the week's big talking points. Download the AFL's 2015 Tribunal guide here (PDF)


MRP in place in case of women's 'biff'

EXCLUSIVE: Female players to face same level of MRP scrutiny as men

8:00am Nov 10, 2016


Dogs, Swans all clear from Grand Final

No charges laid by MRP after Dogs' historic flag triumph

12:57pm Oct 3, 2016

Match Review Panel full statement: Grand Final

The full MRP statement from the 2016 Grand Final

12:45pm Oct 3, 2016


Roughy positive about GF despite hazy vision

Dog ruckman still not 100 per cent but hopeful of recovery

3:18pm Sep 26, 2016

Match Review Panel full statement: preliminary finals

The MRP's full report from preliminary final weekend

2:45pm Sep 26, 2016


Prelim contenders all clear from MRP

Fines only from Match Review Panel for players appearing this week

10:58am Sep 20, 2016

Match Review Panel full statement

MRP hands down penalties from semi-finals weekend

2:30pm Sep 19, 2016


Johnson to miss prelim, Hawks cleared

UPDATE: Johnson accepts ban, but ruckman in clear over tackle

10:48am Sep 13, 2016

Match Review Panel full statement

The AFL has released its finding from the first week of finals

4:13pm Sep 12, 2016


ANALYSIS: Steve Johnson staring at ban

ANALYSIS: It appears unlikely Giant can escape a suspension

12:50pm Sep 11, 2016


Stevie J faces nervous wait after Kennedy hit

Star Giant faces nervous wait after collecting Josh Kennedy high

7:33pm Sep 10, 2016


Swan avoids ban, 'Sauce' out with bang

No ruck dilemma for Swans but retiring Lion accepts two-game ban

11:59pm Aug 29, 2016

Match Review Panel full statement: round 23

Read the full MRP statement from round 23

3:58pm Aug 29, 2016


Sloane accepts ban: Brownlow hopes gone

No Brownlow for Rory Sloane as he accepts a one-match ban

12:00pm Aug 23, 2016


Sloane's nervous wait for MRP verdict

Crows star's Brownlow prospects hinge on MRP's view of hit

10:34am Aug 22, 2016


MRP: Eagle to miss final after accepting ban

Simon Tunbridge accepts three-game ban, Roos pay fines

12:41pm Aug 16, 2016

Match Review Panel full statement: round 21

Read the full MRP statement from round 21

4:05pm Aug 15, 2016


Nervous MRP wait for Eagle after tackle

West Coast youngster to come under scrutiny for dangerous tackle

8:38pm Aug 13, 2016


MRP: Mitchell in clear, teammates charged

MRP: Star Hawk free to take on North, but teammates charged

11:59pm Aug 8, 2016