A FEW weeks ago, it was suggested by some pundits that GWS captain Stephen Coniglio should be omitted from the Giants' senior side.

While this did not happen and is unlikely to happen, there are some AFL Fantasy coaches willing to swing the axe.

NINE THINGS WE LEARNED Giants' defence looks lost without Phil

Fantasy Classic teams are getting primed for finals, which kick off next week, with many teams nearing completion. What this means is that there are no rookies on field and the weekly trades are then around some luxury moves.

Coniglio appears in 28 per cent of Fantasy Classic sides and scored 52 in round 13. The Giants skipper's average of 69 from his last three games is far from what's expected from a premium midfielder. The top 30 midfielders average 80 or more this season.

On this week's episode of the Official AFL Fantasy Podcast, The Traders consider trading Coniglio. Roy, Calvin and Warnie look at the options that could gain more points and potentially more cash.

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In this week's episode…

3:30 - Tom Rockliff's 200th game.

6:00 - How Roy, Calvin and Warnie went in round 13.

11:30 - Should we consider trading the under-performing Stephen Coniglio?

16:30 - The second wave of the fixture cram is upon us. Warnie reminds everyone of the rules, including for the Adelaide and Brisbane byes.

19:30 - Key injuries and news from the weekend.

22:15 - NEAFL Fantasy scores of the past are relived.

24:45 - Strategy is discussed for round 14 trades.

31:00 - Questions from social media - follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter and like the Official AFL Fantasy Facebook page.

35:10 - The ruck merry-go-round is discussed with Gawn, Draper, O'Brien and more thrown in the mix.

39:00 - Is Jake Riccardi a must-have?

42:20 - James Worpel v Travis Boak.

48:30 - Calvin's early captain tips.

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