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AFL Fantasy has arrived

Will Matt Priddis again be one of the leading fantasy prospects in 2013? - ${keywords}
Will Matt Priddis again be one of the leading fantasy prospects in 2013?
WELCOME to a whole new world of AFL Fantasy.

The AFL's official fantasy games launched on Friday, with AFL Fantasy Dream Team sporting all the features you've loved in the past, plus two brand new formats that will offer something for every player.

The traditional AFL Fantasy Dream Team game will continue to give coaches the chance to pick their ultimate team, pitting it against friends and workmates, with some tweaks to the way the game is played in 2013:
- Two trades every week, on a 'use them or lose them' basis
- The return of the green dot, making team selection easier
- An extra emergency, giving coaches cover on every line

Click here for more on the changes to AFL Fantasy Dream Team

Alongside it sit two brand new, exciting games: AFL Fantasy Elite and AFL Fantasy Match Day.

AFL Fantasy Elite is a draft-based game designed for the fantasy enthusiast looking for a new type of challenge.

Each league completes a draft at the beginning of their season, which the league creator or ‘commissioner’ can begin at any time, where players can be selected on one team only.

Will you take Dane Swan or Gary Ablett? Dean Cox or Lance Franklin? Or Matthew Boyd or Jobe Watson?

The game is fully customisable, meaning league creators can choose features such as the number of teams, squad set-up and a lot more.

Click here for more information on AFL Fantasy Elite

AFL Fantasy Match Day is a quick, easy game played over just one AFL match.

Coaches simply select eight players from the two competing teams and go head-to-head to see who scores the most points.

The game will be available for selected blockbusters throughout the season, plus all finals, meaning you'll be able to play fantasy right through to the final kick of the AFL season.

Click here for more information on AFL Fantasy Match Day

Sign up for AFL Fantasy here and start creating your leagues.
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