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In Dank's words

IN THE 7:30 report interview Stephen Dank, a former employee of the Essendon Football Club, made several claims about the conditioning program at Essendon during 2012.

The Program
"We had a program. It was well documented. That program was discussed at all levels throughout the club, in terms of what those supplements were and the regime in terms of dosages and what time of the day or week."

The 7:30 Report also reported that Dank told their reporter that every supplement used on Essendon players was lobbed on a detailed electronic register kept on the club's intranet. Dank estimated about 35-40 players at Essendon were under the supplement program.

Hird knew of supplement use, claims Dank

On being interviewed by the Australian Crime Commission (ACC)
"They obviously were quite happy with what I had discussed with them and I figured that that must have been consistent with whatever information they had and they indicated to me that they were happy with that information. They said they didn't think that I had done anything wrong."

On GHRP6, a substance banned by ASADA
"Under no circumstances was GHRP6 ever used at Essendon."

Club staff other than players took supplements
"There were some differences obviously in what we offered the coaches. Let's face it, the coaches themselves are not subjected to any WADA code. It may have been three, four, maybe five were taking vitamin supplements, protein supplements ...To be perfectly honest there were a couple of coaches who were using supplements if you like that were a little bit outside the WADA code, but again they were entitled to it, nothing illegal there."
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