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Sliding doors: finals week three

The resolution of Dustin Martin's future is causing ripples throughout the League, says Damian Barrett - ${keywords}
The resolution of Dustin Martin's future is causing ripples throughout the League, says Damian Barrett

the Crows add Betts and Polec to their list ... … you’d think they’d be back in the finals in 2014.
Brisbane Lions
you look up “disarray” in the dictionary these days … … you’ll see the Lions logo accompanying the definition.
Eddie Betts is in Blues colours in 2014 … … it will surprise nearly everyone associated with this club. And if Dale Thomas isn’t in Blues colours, there will be equal levels of surprise.
the Magpies had won, as they fully expected to, their elimination final against Port Adelaide ... … you wonder if Bucks would have raised the culture debate.
Carlton has politely declined the Bombers’ “invitation” to apologise for using the “cheat” word against it ... … once again it’s back to you, Paul Little.
the Dockers can beat Geelong at Simonds Stadium ...
they will smash the Swans at Subi.
the Cats had won the 2008 Grand Final … … would they have been as uncompromisingly driven to succeed in the seasons following that game? Maybe. But maybe not.
Gold Coast
Gary Ablett manages to get genuinely excited – wide-eyed sort of excited - when talking about a player … … can’t wait to see Jack Martin strut his stuff next year.

Buddy and Dusty and Sammy are all with the Giants next year ...
... the high-end Sydney nightspots will do roaring trades.
the Hawks don’t win against Geelong … … there will be internal carnage. Watch this space if the Cats win again.
the Demons keep attempting to raid rivals of their assistant coaches, and keep offering those coaches way “overs” … … fully expect 17 clubs to angrily ask the AFL why it has provided $2.7 million of emergency funding.
North Melbourne the Roos don’t land a big name from a rival club after exploring all possibilities ... … they will need to work very hard at ensuring that 2014 isn’t wasted like 2013.
Port Adelaide
we are to rank the season’s best individual performances based on leadership … Travis Boak’s efforts in last week’s losing semi-final would be very prominent.
Dusty isn’t at Punt Rd in 2014 … … hundreds and hundreds of man-hours will be freed up and able to be redistributed into other areas of player welfare.
St Kilda
the murmurings happen to play out in the player and draft-pick exchange in October ... … there will be a LOT of action involving the Saints.
Sydney Swans
the Swans somehow get over the Dockers in Perth this week … … it will be a miracle.
West Coast
the Eagles don’t get angry at how their cross-city rival is soaking up all local attention … ... it would be an opportunity lost. But things are just not how they have been at this club. Almost going through the motions these days.
Western Bulldogs anyone predicted in March that Will Minson would be All-Australian by September … ... they would have been locked up. Credit to Will for how hard he has worked.

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