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AFLCA votes, round 14: Superstars surge to the top

Tiger takes the lead by the smallest of margins from top Cat

11:31pm  Jun 26, 2017

Goddard opens up on costly kick-in error

Star Don reveals his 'biggest mistake' in final minute against Swans

10:35pm  Jun 26, 2017

Eagles consider challenging Schofield ban

West Coast weighs up options as coach has tongue-in-cheek dig

9:44pm  Jun 26, 2017

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The ultimate in ifs, buts and maybes. Each Friday, Damian Barrett walks you through the path your club has chosen – or the one they should have


Sliding Doors: round 14

IF Dimma keeps refuting there's an issue ... THEN

8:58am Jun 23, 2017


Sliding Doors: round 13

IF someone writes some nasty words about you, Joey, THEN ...

2:23pm Jun 16, 2017


Sliding Doors: round 12

If you did proper due diligence on Daniel Wells ... then

4:30pm Jun 9, 2017


Sliding Doors: round 11

If Joe Daniher signs for $2 million over three years ... then

9:44am Jun 2, 2017


Sliding Doors: round 10

IF there are two words to describe the Eagles ... then

7:38am May 26, 2017


Sliding Doors: round nine

IF one of the co-captains can't yet commit to stay beyond this year ...

7:18am May 19, 2017


Sliding Doors: round eight

IF you want Exhibit A of what's wrong with AFL rules this year ...

4:02pm May 12, 2017


Sliding Doors: round seven

If Joel Selwood wants to express a little bit of anger and frustration ...

7:55pm May 5, 2017


Sliding Doors: round six

IF Leon Cameron’s got the keys to a Ferrari ... THEN

3:04pm Apr 28, 2017


Sliding Doors: round five

If you’ve missed two years with wonky knees ... then

8:34am Apr 21, 2017


Sliding Doors: round four

IF the words "knee" and "O'Meara" are in the same sentence ... THEN

8:14am Apr 14, 2017


Sliding Doors: round three

If Ryan Griffen is to be really honest with himself ...

9:11am Apr 7, 2017


Sliding Doors: Damian Barrett looks at round two

If you can visualise a caged lion having its door thrown open ...

10:05am Mar 31, 2017


Sliding Doors

IF anyone thinks Clarko isn't targeting the 2017 premiership ...

11:09am Mar 24, 2017


Sliding Doors

IF you have lots of OK-outs and lots of OK-ins ... THEN

8:19am Oct 21, 2016


Sliding Doors

IF you want to publicly sook when we reveal you're tradeable ... THEN

8:43am Oct 14, 2016


Sliding Doors

IF you think the out-of-contract Fyfe will be a big story in 2017 ... THEN

8:41am Oct 7, 2016


Sliding Doors

If Boomer is wearing black-and-white stripes next year ... then

7:47am Sep 30, 2016


Sliding Doors

If the Dees get offered two draft picks inside the top eight for Jesse ... then

8:04am Sep 23, 2016


Sliding Doors

If Daniel Wells really wanted to stay at North Melbourne ... then

7:51am Sep 16, 2016