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Fantasy form watch

Piglets come to the fore and a premium back lets the masses down

8:45pm  Jun 26, 2016

Club presidents to join roundtable discussion

Club presidents will get together with Our Watch chief Mary Barry

8:25pm  Jun 26, 2016

Cats no flat-track bullies

AFTER THE SIREN: Easy kill? There's no such thing for Geelong

8:15pm  Jun 26, 2016

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The ultimate in ifs, buts and maybes. Each Friday, Damian Barrett walks you through the path your club has chosen – or the one they should have


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If Brisbane Lion Daniel Rich takes the big money then ...

7:49am Jun 24, 2016


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If another three, and maybe 4-5, wins are not added to 2016's tally, then ...

8:32am Jun 17, 2016


Sliding Doors: round 12

If you say you want to keep Brad Crouch then ...

9:06am Jun 10, 2016


Sliding Doors: round 11

If Vickery and Griffiths remain out of contract for much longer ...

8:18am Jun 3, 2016


Sliding Doors: round 10

If you're accumulating 52 touches in the twos ... then

10:34am May 27, 2016


Sliding Doors: round nine

If you're cheering after a round eight loss then ...

8:46am May 20, 2016


Sliding Doors: round eight

If it is 'disgusting' to publicly question lopsided free-kick numbers ...

8:16am May 13, 2016


Sliding Doors: round seven

If Rance hadn't walked away from a blow-up with Choco at the VFL ...

8:49am May 6, 2016


Sliding Doors: round six

If Lobbe had've said yes to the Bulldogs' offer in the off-season ...

7:49am Apr 29, 2016


Sliding Doors: round five

If there's one positive for Fremantle at the moment ...

7:36am Apr 22, 2016


Sliding Doors: round four

If you're going to attack Joel Selwood on his home patch ...

7:46am Apr 15, 2016


Sliding Doors: round three

If the Dogs beat the Hawks on Sunday then ...

9:14am Apr 8, 2016


Sliding Doors: round two

If Joel Selwood and Luke Hodge split the honours as the AFL’s toughest ...

9:28am Apr 1, 2016


Sliding Doors: round one

If the Hawks are going to have one regret from late 2015 ...

10:30pm Mar 25, 2016


Sliding Doors: Trade week wrap

If you’re going to record a "secret" video then ...

7:05am Oct 23, 2015


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If you flirt with someone everyone wants and they choose you, then ...

8:50am Oct 18, 2015


Sliding Doors: Trade special

If the Magpies miss out Adam Treloar, then Eddie will ...

10:15am Oct 9, 2015


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If the Saints, as expected, land Carlisle, then ...

8:43am Oct 2, 2015


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If the Tigers reckon the Pies' Treloar chase is dodgy then ...

10:14am Sep 25, 2015


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If we were running the Swans or AFL this week ...... then

10:52am Sep 18, 2015