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Swans confident Tippett will be fit for R1

No issues on big Swan's fitness despite major ankle surgery

8:30pm  Oct 17, 2017

Trade wrap: Gibbs the key to Cameron deal

Star Crows target to determine wannabe Lion's fate

7:23pm  Oct 17, 2017

Pies lock in young duo to new deals

Collingwood youngsters Brayden Sier and Max Lynch ink one-year extensions

6:32pm  Oct 17, 2017

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Sliding Doors

The ultimate in ifs, buts and maybes. Each Friday, Damian Barrett walks you through the path your club has chosen – or the one they should have


Sliding Doors: Finals, week three

If the Lions really want to keep Rocky ... THEN

9:36am Sep 22, 2017


Sliding Doors: Finals, week two

IF it's Out: Bryce Gibbs, and In: Tom Rockliff ... THEN

9:11am Sep 15, 2017


Sliding Doors: Finals, week one

If Freo noticed the jungle drums getting louder during the week ...

9:13am Sep 8, 2017


Sliding Doors: round 23

IF Scotty Burns is going to Hawthorn ...

9:07am Aug 25, 2017


Sliding Doors: round 22

If Mark Evans thinks he can shut down the Ablett debate ... then

4:25pm Aug 18, 2017


Sliding Doors: round 20

IF Ryder and Hibberd were still at the Bombers ... THEN

7:00am Aug 4, 2017


Sliding Doors: round 19

IF you start winning when pressure to make finals has been removed ...

7:37am Jul 28, 2017


Sliding Doors: round 18

IF the Swans hadn’t allowed Tom Mitchell to leave ... THEN

4:18pm Jul 21, 2017


Sliding Doors: round 17

If you keep telling us you are fully committed to coach this club ... then

9:03am Jul 14, 2017


Sliding Doors: round 16

If the Hawks jumped in a time machine and went back to 2016

9:26am Jul 7, 2017


Sliding Doors: round 15

IF Jobe Watson hasn't shut the door on a 2018 contract THEN ...

9:28am Jun 30, 2017


Sliding Doors: round 14

IF Dimma keeps refuting there's an issue ... THEN

8:58am Jun 23, 2017


Sliding Doors: round 13

IF someone writes some nasty words about you, Joey, THEN ...

2:23pm Jun 16, 2017


Sliding Doors: round 12

If you did proper due diligence on Daniel Wells ... then

4:30pm Jun 9, 2017


Sliding Doors: round 11

If Joe Daniher signs for $2 million over three years ... then

9:44am Jun 2, 2017


Sliding Doors: round 10

IF there are two words to describe the Eagles ... then

7:38am May 26, 2017


Sliding Doors: round nine

IF one of the co-captains can't yet commit to stay beyond this year ...

7:18am May 19, 2017


Sliding Doors: round eight

IF you want Exhibit A of what's wrong with AFL rules this year ...

4:02pm May 12, 2017


Sliding Doors: round seven

If Joel Selwood wants to express a little bit of anger and frustration ...

7:55pm May 5, 2017


Sliding Doors: round six

IF Leon Cameron’s got the keys to a Ferrari ... THEN

3:04pm Apr 28, 2017