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Sliding Doors: round one

If the Hawks are going to have one regret from late 2015 ... - ${keywords}
If the Hawks are going to have one regret from late 2015 ...
there's a footy phrase which needs new parameters ... ... it is "low profile". Hello Don Pyke. And before anyone jumps up and down, that's not criticism.
Brisbane Lions
Beams does indeed miss the first half of the season ... ... nothing else can go wrong if this side is to reach that point with some form of hope for the second half.
there were any Cripps sceptics still around over summer... ... surely they've all disappeared now. Genuine gun.
there’s one player with a big Watch This Space tag on him right now ... ... it is Travis Cloke. His 2014 and 2015 seasons were ordinary.
2016 pans out the way most expect ... ... the Bombers will get at least the first two picks in the draft (finish last, Hooker exits), and will argue to the AFL a case for the third as well (AFL commission-requested compo).
Ross Lyon has now got another five years in charge ... ... we're locking him in for two flags. At least one. Our faith in this man is still full-bore, and will remain so until the very end. Ross remains The Boss. For five more years at least.
you think the Danger hype is out of control, and it is ... ... either remember or be aware that until he takes a chopper to a training session that it's got nothing on Brian Peake of 1981.
Gold Coast
the Suns want to keep Prestia ... ... it's simple: win games. Lots of them. A finals-qualifying amount of them. Good luck.
Greater Western Sydney

the Giants lose their first four games (Dees, Cats, Swans, Power) by smallish margins ... ... Jezza Cameron won't be feeling too flash.
the Hawks are going to have one regret from late 2015 ... ... it will be the moving-on of Brian Lake.
we're already tired of one topic in 2016 ... ... it is Roos-Goodwin. Don't for a minute think that Roosy won't be having the final say, every single time, all the way through.
North Melbourne this team is to do anything of note this year ... ... it just wins against Adelaide.
Port Adelaide
Wingard actually still has some progress to make, and we're not sure there's much he hasn't already done ... ... he’ll kick 65 goals this year. Maybe 70. Our No.1 favourite player to watch.
there's something we've already been saying for four years and will never, ever let go ... ... it is this: play Jack Riewoldt from the square. Give him a licence to be selfish. Actually encourage him to kick as many goals as HE can.
St Kilda
we're worried about a club's win-loss progress from last season as we enter 2016 ... ... it is this one.
Sydney Swans
some of the mail we've been getting from our traditionally A-grade sources in the past month is right ... ... Buddy is primed to go 2008 all over again. But, even armed with that info, we still have doubts.
West Coast
you cast your mind back to Grand Final night, 2012 ... ... if you're honest, there's no way you would've predicted three premierships in the three seasons since for the Hawks. Now … cast your mind back to GF night 2015.
Western Bulldogs Wingard, Fyfe and Walters have been our favourite players to watch during the past three seasons ... ... Stringer is a close fourth, and closing very hard. Super Impose style. And if that means nothing to you – YouTube his four wins in the Doncaster and Epsom Handicaps in 1990 and 1991.

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