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Damian Barrett

Damian Barrett is an award-winning journalist and one of 'the best in the business' for breaking AFL stories.


Sliding Doors: round 13

If Saints won't use the 'R' word ... THEN

7:34am Jun 15, 2018


Sliding Doors: round 12

If Ross was prepared to produce a flosser in the box in R11 ...

8:13am Jun 8, 2018


BARRETT: 10 ways to fix footy for the fans

Fans are drifting, Damian Barrett writes. Here's how to bring them back

1:30pm Jun 6, 2018


Sliding Doors: round 11

IF we were talking up premiership credentials after R7 ...

8:45am Jun 1, 2018


BARRETT: Blues should follow Dees' recipe

Carlton could turn Murphy into a top-three pick. Just ask Melbourne

8:40pm May 30, 2018


Sliding Doors: round 10

If Marc Murphy walks out at the end of the year ... then

7:44am May 25, 2018


Barrett: Tough Simmo snubs copycat industry

West Coast coach does things his own way - and is reaping the rewards

3:31pm May 23, 2018


Sliding Doors: round nine

If you look up "shambles' in a 21st century dictionary ...

3:52pm May 18, 2018


Sliding Doors: round eight

If you're a high-profile footballer in Perth ... then

8:29am May 11, 2018


BARRETT: Rance right in 'big tuna' debate

Tigers can deal with Lynch on their own terms, Damian Barrett writes

3:00pm May 9, 2018