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Quiz: Who broke Tiger hearts in Cairns?

Know your heartbreaking Richmond losses? Take the Friday quiz

6:41am May 19, 2017


Quiz: Which Brownlow winner appeared on Flying Doctors?

Know your TV cameos? Take the Friday quiz

7:04am May 12, 2017


Quiz: How are Richmond's two Ivans linked?

Know your Tiger connections? Take the Friday quiz

6:48am May 5, 2017


Quiz: What's Collingwood's best under Bucks?

Know your Magpie ups and downs? Take the Friday quiz

6:51am Apr 28, 2017


Quiz: Can you name footy's tallest players?

Know your footballing giants? Take the Friday quiz

6:53am Apr 21, 2017

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Quiz: What has Dane Swan NOT been up to?

Know your footy celeb cameos? Take the Friday quiz

10:46am Apr 14, 2017


Quiz: Test your knowledge of the first AFLW season

Think you know the AFLW competition pretty well?

7:00am Apr 11, 2017


Quiz: What was Jack's plea to Jo?

Know your doting footy mums? Take the Friday quiz

6:50am Apr 7, 2017


Quiz: What was the Demons' old nickname?

Know your footy from your flowers? Take the Friday quiz

6:58am Mar 31, 2017


Which pet copped the blame?

Know your scapegoated Collingwood canines? Take the Friday Footy Quiz

6:46am Mar 24, 2017


Off-season quiz

It's been an eventful off-season. How closely were you paying attention?

11:02am Feb 16, 2017


Quiz: Who kicked the first AFLW goal?

How closely were you watching the AFLW opening weekend? Take the quiz

2:35pm Feb 6, 2017


Been paying attention?

Prove it by taking our 2016 mid-season quiz

7:04pm Jul 3, 2016