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U18: The next Nick Riewoldt?

12:11pm  May 25, 2016

Sir Doug Nicholls Part 2

4:00pm  May 24, 2016


A fine melee mess

COMMENT: Could fining clubs rather than players halt the rise in melees?

9:56pm  May 25, 2016

Versus: Nick Riewoldt v Pavlich

Who comes out on top? Watch the tape, make the call?

9:41pm  May 25, 2016

On the outer

Who is struggling for selection at your club, and why?

9:15pm  May 25, 2016

The Numbers Game

The Numbers Game

Each week our numbers guru Peter Ryan sizes up the latest figures from Champion Data and reveals what they mean for your club.


Top six face MCG drought

Experience at the 'G might not matter as much, writes Peter Ryan

7:00am May 24, 2016


How the smalls have grown

A key forward without a few smalls by their feet isn't the way to win a flag

7:49am Oct 3, 2015


Frawley's moment of truth

Saturday's Grand Final is why the ex-Demon ended up a Hawk

7:11pm Oct 2, 2015


Accuracy a Hawk weapon

Stats show Hawks should have key advantage in GF - set shot accuracy

7:00am Sep 30, 2015


Quality, not quantity

Sam Mitchell's disposal efficiency could determine his impact in the GF

7:00am Sep 29, 2015


North's Kennedy curse

Josh Kennedy's record at home will have the Roos nervous this week

5:29pm Sep 21, 2015


Should the Hawks stick fat?

Does Hawthorn need to change things up against Adelaide?

7:00am Sep 15, 2015


Can the Swans defy the odds?

The stats paint a grim picture for the undermanned Swans on Saturday

4:06pm Sep 9, 2015


Freo and firepower

The scoring stat Fremantle needs to defy to win the 2015 flag

7:00am Sep 8, 2015


The perks of being No.1

Weary Dockers get a rest but Tigers still have to toil

7:00am Sep 1, 2015