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Surgery for speedy Pie

Defender plays it safe with exploratory surgery on sore hip

8:44pm  Jan 25, 2015

Latest Matera changes tack

Eagles father-son prospect quits school footy to focus on TAC Cup

5:09pm  Jan 25, 2015

Are club academies unfair?

Should the northern clubs have first refusal on academy players?

2:39pm  Jan 25, 2015

The Numbers Game

The Numbers Game

Each week our numbers guru Peter Ryan sizes up the latest figures from Champion Data and gives a clear picture of what they mean for your club


Every chance counts

The Grand Final matches two teams bent on converting inside 50

7:00am Sep 23, 2014


Roos caught on the hop

North's brains trust knows it must fix slow starts - the question is how?

7:00am Sep 9, 2014


Who will partner Tomahawk?

Cats spoilt for choice as they ponder a sidekick for their spearhead

7:00am Sep 2, 2014


Rising Cat's new record that won't be chased

Rising gun beats elite field to claim unusual record with 33-touch game

7:30am Aug 27, 2014


Freo, Port set for classic

Stats suggest both sides' flag hopes are on the line in round 23 clash

7:15am Aug 26, 2014


Is it time for extra time?

Despite no draws this year, it's time to reassess how to handle tied games

7:00am Aug 19, 2014


Minutes to win it

Managing players' workloads a vital part in finals campaigns, stats show

7:01am Aug 12, 2014


Richmond's missing links

Coach Damien Hardwick knew what needed fixing - it just took time

7:00am Aug 5, 2014


Does Hird measure up?

What do stats say about the Hird-Thompson coaching conundrum?

7:00am Jul 29, 2014


Dead-eyes: The men to trust with your life

Who would you trust with a kick on goal to save your life?

7:32am Jul 22, 2014


The hardest job in footy

How the Swans and Dockers make a tough task almost impossible

7:00am Jul 15, 2014


How much is Frawley worth?

Where does James Frawley rank alongside his defensive peers?

7:00am Jul 8, 2014


Numbers game: The Cats' tale of two halves

Geelong's second-half weakness is a surprising anomaly it must correct

9:56am Jul 1, 2014


1. Hodge, 2. Ball, 3. Judd?

Where do the top three picks from the feted 2001 draft now rank?

12:22pm Jun 28, 2014


Are inside 50s that important?

Stats show more teams are winning despite losing the inside 50 count

7:00am Jun 24, 2014


Tackling their biggest issue

Stats show Giants have overcome one of their biggest weaknesses

7:00am Jun 17, 2014


Inconsistent, not irrelevant

Stats show the Dogs are doing a lot wrong but it's not all doom and gloom

7:35am Jun 11, 2014


First-half snoozers

Peter Ryan looks at how teams just can't put first-half points on the board

12:30pm May 27, 2014


Fast starts, faster finishes

Stats show Port isn't just a fast-finisher - it starts with a bang too

10:00am May 24, 2014


Is Nic Nat any good?

A look at what the stats say about the star Eagle, and what they can't

7:00am Apr 29, 2014