The Stats Files: Dusty's magic mark, and more

Dusty joins the club, plus the weekend's best stats

7:06am Mar 28, 2017

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Dimma's unwanted record

THE STATS FILES: The stats and streaks set to shape your club's season

4:21pm Mar 21, 2017


How they'll win it

THE STATS FILES: The stats between flag triumph and despair

1:26pm Sep 28, 2016


Rating the Rising Stars

THE STATS FILES: Who Player Ratings say should win the award

7:01am Sep 6, 2016


And 2016's winners are ...

THE STATS FILES: This season's record-breakers and stats leaders

4:41pm Aug 30, 2016


Who's No.1 at one-on-one?

THE STATS FILES: The best in the contest at each end of the ground

4:42pm Aug 23, 2016


Scoring machines

THE STATS FILES: Which mids make it count on the scoreboard?

4:21pm Aug 16, 2016

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Out of hell

THE STATS FILES: How Paul Roos finally led the Demons to recovery

4:51pm Aug 9, 2016


Handball (un)happy

THE STATS FILES: Why Giant Shane Mumford is an AFL outlier

5:21pm Aug 2, 2016


How damaging is Dusty?

THE STATS FILES: Is Richmond's Brownlow smokey effective enough?

2:06pm Jul 26, 2016


Your team's stat that matters

THE STATS FILES: What's the key to your team winning matches?

9:21pm Jul 20, 2016


Hoop dreams go sour

THE STATS FILES: Where it's going wrong for the battling Cats

3:22pm Jul 12, 2016


The Hawk tamers

THE STATS FILES: Why the Power cause Hawthorn so much trouble

8:22pm Jul 6, 2016


Old Saint, new tricks

THE STATS FILES: Why it's tougher than ever to stop Nick Riewoldt

4:04pm Jun 28, 2016


Meet the icemen

STATS FILES: When the scoreboard is tight, who holds their nerve?

9:32pm Jun 21, 2016


Who's reigning: Cats or Dogs?

STATS FILES: Which gun midfield has the edge on Saturday night?

9:30am Jun 18, 2016


Why they're lining up for JJ

THE STATS FILES: The value of out-of-contract Crow Josh Jenkins

3:16pm Jun 7, 2016


Carlton's Hawk blueprint

THE STATS FILES: How Bolton's apprentices are aping Clarko's masters

12:29pm May 31, 2016


How the Pies rolled the dice

THE STATS FILES: One brave kick and 11 seconds kill the Colliwobbles

12:32pm May 24, 2016


Which key forward does it all?

THE STATS FILES: The all-rounder who rejuvenated his flagging career

5:03pm May 18, 2016