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Peter Larkins

AFL injury update

Keep up to date on your club's sidelined players with the game's most comprehensive injury list. Check back for all the latest updates plus weekly analysis from Dr Peter Larkins, footy's first and most respected media medico.

Player Injury Estimated Return
Brad Crouch Broken leg 3 weeks
Richard Douglas Suspended Round 9 (after bye)
Ricky Henderson* Fibula 3-4 months
Jack Osborn Back 2-3 weeks
Ben Rutten Knee Test
Nathan van Berlo* Achilles 3-5 months
Taylor Walker Knee 1-3 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, April 22
The Doc says: Rutten was a late withdrawal last week with knee concerns and will have a light week. He is expected to come up. Walker is training closer to full intensity after some hammy soreness at his ACL graft site. - 23/4

 Brisbane Lions
Player Injury Estimated Return
Claye Beams Foot 2 weeks
Josh Green Hamstring Test
Pearce Hanley Hamstring Test
Matthew Leuenberger Knee 12 weeks
Stefan Martin Back Test
Ash McGrath Calf 2-3 weeks
Sam Michael Hamstring Test
Daniel Rich Knee Season
Brent Staker Calf Indefinite
Patrick Weardon Ankle 10-12 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, April 22
The Doc says: Hanley has only missed one game and would be a surprise return with recurrence risk high. Green has also progressed faster than predicted. McGrath and Staker both will be slow after calf strains. - 23/4

Player Injury Estimated Return
Tom Bell Fractured finger 3-4 weeks
Ed Curnow Fractured fibula 8 weeks
Michael Jamison Calf Test
Chris Judd Hamstring 5 weeks
Matthew Kreuzer Foot 10-12 weeks
Troy Menzel Hamstring Test
Mitch Robinson Knee Test
Updated: Tuesday, April 22
The Doc says: Judd is the big story with his recovery unpredictable. 5-6 weeks is the best case scenario if all goes well. Curnow will struggle to regain match conditioning in less than eight weeks. Bell has a ring finger phalanx bone fracture. He had a plate and screws inserted and should play in 3-4 weeks. Jamison has a calf injury and may need another week to avoid recurrence. - 23/4

Player Injury Estimated Return
Nathan Brown Shoulder Available
Tim Broomhead Shin splints Test
Nathan Freeman Hamstring 3 weeks
Adam Oxley Ankle 1 week
Ben Reid Calf 1-2 weeks
Matthew Scharenberg* Feet Indefinite
Paul Seedsman Hip Test
Ben Sinclair Hamstring 1-2 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, April 22
The Doc says: Reid is on track for a round eight return. Brown played VFL and may return to senior selection but recurrent dislocation chance is high. Sinclair has already missed three weeks but the Pies will not rush him. - 23/4

Player Injury Estimated Return
Patrick Ambrose Quad 1-2 weeks
Tom Bellchambers Ankle Available
Alex Browne* Knee Season
Cory Dell'Olio Suspended Round 7
Courtenay Dempsey Hamstring 1 week
Brendon Goddard Adductor Test
Will Hams Hip 2 weeks
Kyle Hardingham Corked thigh Test
Heath Hocking Adductor tightness Test
Nick Kommer Knee tendinitis 2 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, April 22
The Doc says: Goddard may train lightly but is still in the risk period. He remains doubtful. Hocking (adductor tightness) and Hardingham (corked thigh) are both likely to play. Bellchambers played VFL successfully but needs more match preparation. - 23/4

Player Injury Estimated Return
Michael Apeness Quad 1-2 weeks
Hayden Ballantyne Suspended Round 7
Michael Barlow Knee 2-4 weeks
Kepler Bradley Knee Test
Max Duffy Shoulder 5 weeks
Scott Gumbleton Hamstring 7 weeks
Sam Menegola Knee 4 weeks
Alex Pearce Shin 2 weeks
Tanner Smith Hamstring 5 weeks
Michael Walters Ankle 14-16 weeks
Michael Wood Shoulder Test
Updated: Tuesday, April 22
The Doc says: Walters has an unusual complication of a sprained ankle where you don't just tear the ligaments but you tear the restraining tissue that holds all the strong tendons on the side of the ankle. When you rupture that, the ankle becomes more loose than a standard ligament injury so you can't just have a reconstruction – it's partly ligament repair and partly re-stabilising the tendons. It takes longer to get over than a reco. He won't be doing much for 8-10 weeks and then it could take him another six weeks to get up to match conditioning. - 23/4

Player Injury Estimated Return
Zac Bates Hamstring 4-6 weeks
Josh Caddy Broken foot 8-10 weeks
Allen Christensen* Back 6-8 weeks
Shane Kersten Knee 6-8 weeks
Andrew Mackie Hamstring Test
Lincoln McCarthy Back Test
Daniel Menzel* Knee Indefinite
Steven Motlop Knee tendon Available
Billie Smedts Leg fracture 1-2 weeks
Nathan Vardy* Knee Season
Updated: Tuesday, April 22
The Doc says: Motlop played VFL but will need more preparation time before a senior recall. Caddy is a big loss after a metatarsal fracture at training. He doesn't need surgery but recovery will be slow and he will not run in the next 4-5 weeks at least. Mackie still has hammy soreness and will need a light week. He may miss as a precaution. - 23/4

 Gold Coast
Player Injury Estimated Return
Harley Bennell Calf 1 week
Clay Cameron Shoulder 2-3 weeks
Charlie Dixon Groin 1-2 weeks
Jack Martin Shoulder Indefinite
Zac Smith* Knee Indefinite
Updated: Tuesday, April 22
The Doc says: Dixon is slow but the Suns will be cautious with his rehab. No likely returns this week. - 23/4

 Greater Western Sydney
Player Injury Estimated Return
Phil Davis Kidney Indefinite
Toby Greene Suspended Round 7
Tim Mohr Knee 3 weeks
Shane Mumford Knee 1 week
Rhys Palmer Hamstring 1 week
Sam Schulz Shoulder 2 weeks
Heath Shaw Hamstring Test
Callan Ward Concussion Test
Lachie Whitfield Foot 1 week
Updated: Tuesday, April 22
The Doc says: Ward had an obvious concussion episode and will not train much this week. He can only play if he passes all assessment tests late in the week. With the highest risk in the first 10 days after concussion, he must be doubtful. Shaw missed last week and will not be risked unless he trains at full intensity later in the week. Palmer has missed four weeks and is still in doubt for 1-2 more. - 23/4

Player Injury Estimated Return
Brad Sewell Hamstring 1 week
Liam Shiels AC joint 2-3 weeks
Matt Spangher Ankle 2-3 weeks
Brendan Whitecross* Knee Indefinite
Updated: Wednesday, April 23
The Doc says: No new concerns from the weekend. - 23/4

Player Injury Estimated Return
Dom Barry Calf Test
Jack Fitzpatrick Ill Available
Jesse Hogan Back 4 weeks
Dean Kent Calf 1 week
Viv Michie Jaw 2 weeks
Luke Tapscott Hamstring Available
Jack Trengove Foot Season
Updated: Tuesday, April 22
The Doc says: Fitzpatrick and Tapscott may both push to play. Barry is still doubtful. - 23/4

 North Melbourne
Player Injury Estimated Return
Ben Brown Knee 1 week
Tom Curran* Foot Indefinite
Cam Delaney Foot Test
Taylor Garner Hamstring Test
Jamie Macmillan Broken fibula 2-4 weeks
Andrew Swallow Achilles Test
Robbie Tarrant Lower leg Test
Scott Thompson Suspended Round 7
Daniel Wells Foot Test
Jack Ziebell Shoulder Test
Updated: Monday, April 21
The Doc says: Ziebell is a 50/50 prospect to return. Swallow and Tarrant are on the cusp of a full week's training but both lack match conditioning. Swallow could appear at VFL level. He is less likely to appear against Freo as a sub. - 23/4

 Port Adelaide
Player Injury Estimated Return
Angus Monfries Hamstring Test
Jarrad Redden* Knee 4-5 weeks
Sam Russell Hamstring 3-4 weeks
Jay Schulz Foot Available
Mason Shaw* Wrist 3-4 weeks
Lewis Stevenson* Toe 6 weeks
Chad Wingard Chest contusion Available
Updated: Tuesday, April 22
The Doc says: Monfries has only missed two weeks and would be a surprise return. Schultz (foot) and Wingard (chest contusion) are sore but available to play after a recovery week. - 23/4

Player Injury Estimated Return
Matt Dea Hand 1 week
Brett Deledio Ankle 1-2 weeks
Aaron Edwards Knee Test
Nathan Foley Calf 1 week
Jake King Foot TBC
Chris Knights Knee soreness TBC
Ivan Maric Ankle 2 weeks
Alex Rance Foot Test
Cadeyn Williams Shoulder 1 week
Updated: Tuesday, April 22
The Doc says: Deledio has struggled since a round two Achilles flare-up and may miss 1-2 weeks more. Rance has missed five weeks with a foot fracture and may need more match conditioning before senior selection. Foley has had another calf setback and may miss two weeks more. King has chronic toe joint stress and needs 1-2 weeks away from loading. - 23/4

 St Kilda
Player Injury Estimated Return
David Armitage Leg 3-4 weeks
Sam Gilbert Foot 4 weeks
Lewis Pierce* Back 3 weeks
Adam Schneider Suspended Round 7
Nathan Wright Leg 10-12 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, April 22
The Doc says: Armitage has a nasty wound infection/delayed healing and will need antibiotics and time away from exercise load on his knee. No new injuries reported after victory on the weekend. - 23/4

 Sydney Swans
Player Injury Estimated Return
Adam Goodes Knee Test
Alex Johnson Knee Season
Sam Naismith Knee 3-5 weeks
Sam Reid Achilles Test
Kurt Tippett Rib 1-2 weeks
Tommy Walsh* Hamstring Test
Updated: Tuesday, April 22
The Doc says: Another setback for Tippett may cost him two weeks out. Walsh will face a rigorous test. - 23/4

 West Coast
Player Injury Estimated Return
Xavier Ellis Calf Test
Darren Glass Suspended Round 7
Shannon Hurn Knee 1-2 weeks
Mark LeCras Arm 2-3 weeks
Beau Waters Shoulder Season
Updated: Tuesday, April 22
The Doc says: Ellis is likely to miss given his past history. Hurn is on track after a round two medial ligament tear but the Eagles are unlikely to rush LeCras back after a second operation on his broken ulna bone. - 23/4

 Western Bulldogs
Player Injury Estimated Return
Jarrad Grant Foot 2-3 weeks
Dale Morris Ankle Test
Daniel Pearce Knee 5-8 weeks
Josh Prudden Knee 2 weeks
Jordan Roughead Dislocated AC joint 6 weeks
Updated: Monday, April 21
The Doc says: Morris should come up but no other surprise returns are likely. - 23/4

*Placed on the club's long-term injury list