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Melbourne Fantasy preview

9:17am  Mar 27, 2015

The players pick their best: No.1

6:00am  Mar 27, 2015

Cheap Pies, Ken's deal and more

3:30pm  Mar 26, 2015


'I feel for the players'

No evidence Dons players knew of supplement pitfalls, says AFL CEO

5:16pm  Mar 27, 2015

Port's pie play

David Koch puts pressure on Adelaide Oval to lower food prices

3:24pm  Mar 27, 2015

Giants' ASADA fine

AFL fines GWS over poor paperwork for ASADA testing

3:24pm  Mar 27, 2015

Injury update

AFL injury update

Keep up to date on your club's sidelined players with the game's most comprehensive injury list. As the 2015 pre-season unfolds, check back for all the latest updates plus return dates for suspended players.

PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Rory Atkins Knee 9-11 weeks
Brad Crouch Foot 8-10 weeks
Sam Kerridge Hamstring Test
Riley Knight Ankle 8-10 weeks
Andy Otten Knee TBA
Brent Reilly Skull TBA
Sam Shaw Hamstring TBA
Scott Thompson Hamstring 1-3 weeks  
Updated: Tuesday, March 24
 Brisbane Lions
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Jonathan Freeman Glute 6 weeks
Darcy Gardiner Shoulder TBC
Cian Hanley Knee Season
Pearce Hanley Hip 14 weeks
Ryan Harwood Groin 6 weeks
Trent West Knee 6-8 weeks
Updated: Monday, March 23
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Jayden Foster Foot Test
Bryce Gibbs Shoulder Available
Cameron Giles Foot Indefinite
Matthew Kreuzer Foot 4 weeks
Andrew Walker Knee 2-3 weeks
Robert Warnock Shoulder Test
Mark Whiley Achilles tendon 1 week
Updated: Monday, March 23
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Levi Greenwood Ankle TBC
Lachie Keeffe Hamstring 1-2 weeks
Brent Macaffer Knee Indefinite
Matt Scharenberg Knee 3-4 weeks
Paul Seedsman Hip 3 weeks
Clinton Young Hamstring 3-4 weeks
Updated: Monday, March 23
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Kurt Aylett Hamstring 4 weeks
Courtenay Dempsey Foot 1 week
Will Hams Ankle TBC
Dyson Heppell Knee 2 weeks
Nick Kommer Knee TBC
Jayden Laverde Groin 1 week
Tayte Pears Heel TBC
Jason Winderlich Back TBC
Updated: Thursday, March 12
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Hayden Ballantyne Calf 1-2
Michael Barlow Ankle Test
Ryan Crowley Provisionally suspended TBC
Zac Dawson Groin 2-4 weeks
Paul Duffield Rib Test
Anthony Morabito Knee TBC
Tendai Mzungu Hamstring Test
Alex Silvagni Hamstring 3-4 weeks
Nick Suban Hamstring 3-4 weeks
Matt Taberner Achilles Test
Updated: Monday, March 23
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Zac Bates Hamstring 1-3 weeks
Cameron Delaney Foot Indefinite
Lincoln McCarthy Foot Indefinite
Daniel Menzel Knee/Hamstring 4-7 weeks
Rhys Stanley Leg/Bone stress 1-3 weeks
Jackson Thurlow Kidney 4-7 weeks
Nathan Vardy Knee 4-7 weeks
Updated: Monday, March 23
 Gold Coast
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Gary Ablett Shoulder Test
Clay Cameron Illness Test
Charlie Dixon Ankle 2-3 weeks
Tom Lynch Suspended Round 2, premiership season
Jaeger O'Meara Knee Test
Henry Schade Ankle Test
Updated: Monday, March 23
 Greater Western Sydney
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Jeremy Finlayson Hip 4 weeks
Will Hoskin-Elliott Shoulder TBC
Caleb Marchbank Shin 2 weeks
Tim Mohr Knee Test
Jonathon Patton Knee TBC
Lachie Plowman Elbow 8 weeks
Sam Schulz Hip 7-8 weeks
Liam Sumner Foot 7 weeks
Jacob Townsend Foot 4 weeks
Updated: Monday, March 23
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Grant Birchall Knee 1-2 weeks
Kaiden Brand Shoulder 4-5 months
Luke Breust Back Test
Matt Spangher Calf Test
Updated: Monday, March 23
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Chris Dawes Suspended Round 2
Jeremy Howe Hamstring Test
Jayden Hunt Back 2 weeks
Alex Neal-Bullen Knee 3-4 weeks
Christian Petracca Knee Season
Jack Trengove Foot Indefinite
Bernie Vince Hamstring Test
Updated: Monday, March 23
 North Melbourne
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Nathan Grima Back 8-10 weeks
Lachlan Hansen Hips 1 weeks
Aaron Mullett Shoulder 8 weeks
Updated: Monday, March 23
 Port Adelaide
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Sam Colquhoun Knee Available
Billy Frampton* Shin 3-6 weeks
Hamish Hartlett Groin Available
Andrew Moore Cork Available
Mason Shaw Groin 2-3 weeks
Jackson Trengove Shoulder Assess
Chad Wingard Knee Assess
Updated: Monday, March 23
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Matt Dea Hamstring 2-4 weeks
Corey Ellis Foot Test
Nathan Foley Foot 3-6 weeks
Chris Newman Cardiac arrhythmia 1 week
Updated: Monday, March 23
 St Kilda
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Jack Billings Hamstring 2 weeks
Sam Gilbert Foot 6-8 weeks
Daniel Markworth Shoulder Indefinite
Brodie Murdoch Back Indefinite
Farren Ray Hamstring 10-12 weeks
Seb Ross Hamstring 9-11 weeks
Shane Savage Hamstring 1 week
Arryn Siposs Shoulder 12-16 weeks
Jimmy Webster Finger 5 weeks
Nathan Wright Adductor 4 weeks
Updated: Monday, March 23
 Sydney Swans
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Lance Franklin Head Available
Kieren Jack Abdomen Available
Alex Johnson Knee Indefinite
Nic Newman Knee 3-4 weeks
Lloyd Perris Knee 8 weeks
Updated: Monday, March 23
 West Coast
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Mitch Brown Hamstring tightness Test
Damien Cavka Foot 8-9 weeks
Jack Darling Foot 4-8 weeks
Xavier Ellis Hamstring Test
Mark Hutchings Groin TBC
Eric Mackenzie Knee Season
Will Schofield Ankle Test
Callum Sinclair Thumb 2-3 weeks
Updated: Monday, March 23
 Western Bulldogs
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Shane Biggs Hamstring 1-2 weeks
Zaine Cordy Shoulder 4-6 weeks
Nathan Hrovat Ribs Test
Jason Johannisen Concussion Test
Tom Liberatore Knee Season
Fletcher Roberts Groin Available
Clay Smith Knee TBC
Easton Wood Concussion Test
Updated: Monday, March 23

*Placed on the club's long-term injury list