CARLTON has rushed talented athlete Brooke Walker straight into its side to take on St Kilda on Friday night.

Walker, 27, has spent the past few months playing in the NRLW with Parramatta Eels, which lost to Newcastle in Sunday's Grand Final. She did not play in the decider.

This will be her first AFLW match since round nine of season six, and she adds a significant spark to Carlton's midfield.

Amelia Velardo also returns for the Blues after missing the past fortnight.

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Lily Goss will miss the rest of the season due to a shoulder injury, while Nat Plane has been omitted.

The Saints have recalled Rebecca Ott and Olivia Vesely in place of Ella Friend and Deanna Jolliffe.

Gun midfielder and former No.1 pick Ellie McKenzie makes a welcome return for Richmond's trip to Perth to face West Coast, but the Tigers have lost skipper Katie Brennan again with a foot injury.

Ellie McKenzie in action during the R5 clash between Richmond and Brisbane at Swinburne Centre on September 24, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos

Youngster Stella Reid is also back for the Tigers with Maddie Shevlin out after injuring her ankle last weekend.

The Eagles have made three changes, with Jess Sedunary, Hayley Bullas and Isabella Simmons all returning.

Abby Bushby is out due to personal reasons, while defenders Beth Schilling ad Emily Bennett have been dropped to the emergency list.

Check out the teams below.


Friday, October 7

St Kilda v Carlton at RSEA Park, 6.10pm AEDT


B: A.Burke 3 R.Ott 20  
HB: T.White 9 B.Jakobsson 8 H.Priest - C 14
C: D.Guttridge 5 R.Dillon 25 M.McDonald 1
HF: N.Xenos 27 K.Shierlaw 12 N.Stevens 2
F: C.Greiser 17 J.Matin 19
Foll: S.Nalder 34 G.Patrikios 21 H.Stuart 18
I/C: C.Fitzpatrick 24 A.Richards 22 O.Vesely 23 J.Anderson 7 L.Burke 30  

Emerg: D.Jolliffe 4 E.Friend 16 C.Matthews 28
In: R.Ott, O.Vesely
Out: E.Friend (omitted), D.Jolliffe (omitted)


B: P.Trudgeon 26 V.Laloifi 8  
HB: G.Pound 6 D.Vescio 3 B.Walker 7
C: D.Walker 23 K.Peterson - C 9 B.Vickers 24
HF: E.O'Dea 46 T.Ortlepp 34 A.Velardo 1
F: M.Hill 10 J.Good 12
Foll: B.Moody 16 L.McEvoy 13 A.McKay 5
I/C: J.Dal Pos 2 K.Sherar 25 S.Gibbs 33 A.Lee 11 K.Skepper 4  

Emerg: N.Plane 32 P.Schaap 35 C.Hammans 17
In: B.Walker, A.Velardo
Out: L.Goss (injured), N.Plane (omitted)

West Coast v Richmond at Mineral Resources Park, 5.10pm AWST


B: C.Thomas 3 A.Schmidt 7  
HB: J.Britton 18 S.McDonald 35 A.McCarthy 11
C: C.Rowley 5 J.Sedunary 10 M.Western 21
HF: I.Lewis 6 K.Bartlett 20 S.Lakay 23
F: E.Roberts 4 B.Smith 14
Foll: D.Hooker 17 E.Swanson - C 13 E.Hartill 25
I/C: E.Humphries 12 E.Smith 22 I.Simmons 9 S.Goranova 8 H.Bullas 24  

Emerg: B.Schilling 30 E.Bennett 27 A.Bushby 15
In: I.Simmons, H.Bullas, J.Sedunary
Out: E.Bennett (omitted), A.Bushby (personal reason), B.Schilling (omitted)


B: L.McClelland 16 L.Graham 18  
HB: E.Sheerin 31 K.Cox 17 B.Lynch 20
C: T.Lavey 37 E.McKenzie 22 J.Hosking 11
HF: K.Dempsey 19 M.Brancatisano 5 E.Yassir 27
F: M.Kiely 13 C.Wakefield 8
Foll: G.Seymour 28 M.Conti - C 4 G.Egan 2
I/C: K.Jacques 10 S.Molan 1 M.Macdonald 38 S.Reid 25 J.Woods 29  

Emerg: T.Watson 6 A.Peck 36 S.Taylor 34
In: E.McKenzie, S.Reid
Out: M.Shevlin (injured), K.Brennan (injured)