GEELONG matchwinner Chloe Scheer says she feels she is part of an equal and supportive community at the Cats.

Scheer joined Credit to the Girls podcast to talk about Pride Round and Geelong's strong form this year.

"There are obviously a lot of players who are part of the LGBTQI+ community, so I think it's a celebration. I think it's really important for people to be themselves, I'm part of that community," Scheer said.

"The best thing being at Geelong is everyone's treated equally, it doesn't matter who you are. It's another big celebration, another big game, and I just wanted to give a shoutout to my player sponsor, the Geelong Pride group, they've been awesome.

"Within the club, there are so many people who are part of the community, and especially at Geelong, everyone's treated equally, and they get around everyone, even the men's, they're at every game. So it's awesome to have them around and being part of the men's and the women's groups."


Spearhead forward Scheer also sent a fierce warning to the rest of the AFLW, having been on the receiving end of quality midfield delivery this season.

"I can't believe how much we've improved in such a short amount of time from season six. I think with such a young group, it's scary for the rest of the competition if we can keep our core group," Scheer said.

"Especially our midfield, I think we're one of the best midfields in the comp. I think all of the other midfields should be scared because we're only going to keep getting better."


0:36 – Quick hands with Chloe Scheer

3:00 – Geelong's win over Essendon

6:15 – The impact of recruit Shelley Scott

8:37 – Nina Morrison's open dislocated finger

10:20 – Geelong's improvement and finals potential

13:11 – Pride Round

16:01 – Geelong's AFL men's premiership

18:02 – Clash against West Coast