Jenna Bruton in action during the AFLW R5 match between North Melbourne and GWS at Arden Street on October 1, 2023. Picture: Getty Images/AFL Photos

ROUND five has opened up plenty of options for downgrading players who have reached the end of their cash generation, while also seeing stars drop to more reasonable price points.

With a score of 139, Alyce Parker rewarded the 6.91 per cent of coaches who fielded her in round five - laying 10 tackles and recording 100 per cent time on ground to record the highest score of the week despite her side's loss to North Melbourne.

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On the contrary, Fantasy stars Jasmine Garner and Ebony Marinoff recorded scores of 92 and 91, respectively. Garner laid only two tackles while Marinoff's kick to handball ratio returned to a normal standard following her 36-kick haul last week.

Jenna Bruton has been influential since her return from a calf strain, recording a score of 110, which may also be impacting Garner's scoring potential considering Ash Riddell and Mia King are also Fantasy high-flyers.

Abbey Dowrick (100) has begun to hit her straps, laying nine tackles and increasing her time on ground each week, while Belle Dawes (115) starred in her first match-up against ex-teammate Emily Bates.


Isabelle Pritchard's highest score of the season (112) was reflective of her high-pressure game against St Kilda, with her 11 tackles once again proving the importance of this metric among strong Fantasy scorers.

Hannah Priest's role in the midfield provided coaches with a score boost in their defensive line, with her 120 points coming as the highest score recorded across the backline all year.


1. Lauren Wakfer (RUC, $590,000) + $157,000
2. Aurora Smith (MID, $601,000) + $145,000
3. Jesse Wardlaw (FWD, $776,000) +$131,000
4. Hannah Priest (DEF, $992,000) + $131,000
5. Lisa Steane (DEF, $482,000) + $128,000


1. Montana Ham (MID, $579,000) - $165,000
2. Jamie Stanton (FWD, $541,000) - $164,000
3. Sarah Lampard (DEF, $578,000) - $149,000
4. Jasmine Garner (MID, $1.5M) - $138,000
5. Hayley Miller (MID, $753,000) - $134,000

Hayley Miller in action during the AFLW R5 match between Fremantle and Richmond at Ikon Park on September 29, 2023. Picture: Getty Images/AFL Photos


1. Jenna Bruton (MID, $947,000), ownership: 0.58 per cent, round score: 110
2. Paige Sheppard (MID, $558,000), ownership: 0.68 per cent, round score: 76
3. Isabella Lewis (MID, $926,000), ownership: 0.77 per cent, round score: 83
4. Kate Dempsey (MID, $853,000), ownership: 1.3 per cent, round score: 96
5. Gemma Houghton (FWD, $893,000), ownership: 5.2 per cent, round score: 81


Jasmine Garner (MID, $1.5M)
It is the perfect time to buy Garner following a price drop of $138,000. Despite remaining at $1.5M, it may well be her cheapest price for the remainder of the season. Round five saw her record her first score under 100 for the season, so statistically speaking, now is the time - she is sure to bounce back sooner rather than later. 

Georgie Prespakis (MID, $1.2M)
Similarly to Garner, Prespakis has dropped in price following her lowest score of 68. She hasn't quite found her scoring power since round one, but it could be worth the gamble to get her in during her price slump to ensure you have a stacked team coming into the back end of the year.

Charlotte Thomas (DEF, $843,000)
Thomas has slowly increased her time on ground across the season, as well as recording a high kick to handball ratio - making her a leading target to upgrade your backline. Her past three performances include scores of 68, 77 and 83 as she continues to improve each week. She is shaping to have a strong finish to the season, so now is a great time to bring her in.

Charlotte Thomas during the round five AFLW match between West Coast and Port Adelaide at Mineral Resources Park, September 29, 2023. Picture: Getty Images

Jenna Bruton (MID, $947,000)
Bruton has been brutal upon her return, managing to score 110 in round five despite only recording 68 per cent time on ground. As she continues to build up her match minutes, she is sure to keep producing reliable scores. For now, remains a decent price and is also a perfect POD with 0.58 per cent ownership.

Dakota Davidson (FWD, $905,000)
If you went early on Davidson, you're in luck, benefiting from a huge $262,000 price increase, You could wait to bring her in once she drops in price, but as she's showing no sign of slowing down, time seems to be of the essence before she becomes unattainable like Laura Gardiner. Scoring two goals or more in all four games she's played, Davidson will provide consistency within your forward line.


Jordyn Allen (DEF, $609,000)
Despite some decent scores so far, Allen has struggled to provide value for her original high price tag, dropping by $244,000 across the season. Still owned by 29.38 per cent of coaches, she will be a difficult sell at her price now, so I would recommend a full downgrade - even as part of a double downgrade - in order to capitalise on a worthy upgrade, even if this doesn't come until next week.

Jordyn Allen in action during the AFLW R5 match between Collingwood and Essendon at Punt Road Oval on September 30, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos

Erone Fitzpatrick (FWD, $508,000)
Fitzpatrick has been a great Fantasy servant, generating $208,000 after coming into the season as a rookie. Her price is still slowly increasing, but if you're wanting to get your upgrades finished with enough time to reap the rewards, she could be the perfect stepping stone to your ideal target.

Lily Postlethwaite (FWD, $601,000)
It's the same scenario for owners of Postlethwaite, who will have $300,000 extra cash to spend when they sell her. She looks to have almost reached her maximum price, so now is the time to move to ensure you benefit off her price increase.

Erin Phillips (FWD, $678,000)
For the 23.59 per cent of coaches who still own Phillips, she too could be a perfect stepping stone to Gardiner or Bonnie Toogood, who have proven to be Fantasy locks for season eight. Phillips is continuing to bleed cash, so it is important to use her as a stepping stone before it's too late.

Harriet Cordner (DEF, $576,000)
Despite being cleared to play following a hand injury, Cordner struggled once again this week to have the same Fantasy impact as she did in the first two rounds. After shaping up to be a lock, she has recorded scores of 50, 24 and 49 which have inhibited her cash generation. Similarly to Allen, I would recommend using her as part of a double downgrade to facilitate a strong upgrade.


We could see Marianna Anthony return from injury this week, and I would encourage coaches to hold her - especially if she is a bench option – in case she can generate a final $50,000-$100,000 that would go a long way in securing a premium player. Sarah Rowe continues to be consistent, and an added goal or increased tackle count has the ability to push her into premium contention. Zarlie Goldsworthy is also looking dangerous, scoring a 76 despite a harsh loss for her Giants - proving that she is damaging all around the ground. Rebecca Privitelli was impressive with a four-goal haul, but chasing points is a common trap, so I wouldn't recommend trading her in - do keep your eye on her, though.



Charli Wickstead is the perfect option if you wish to downgrade a mid-priced midfielder like Marianna Anthony or Georgia Nanscawen to open up salary space. If you're looking to double downgrade to allow for a serious upgrade, Zoe Wakfer and Mia Busch are great substitutes for Allen and Cordner. These players will all generate cash while keeping your bench warm.