Tara Bohanna celebrates a point on the siren during round six, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos

GOLD Coast is ticking all kinds of boxes this year.

First win against a Melbourne team in Melbourne. Three wins in a row for the first time in club history. And learning to snag the close ones, even if that did come down to a Tara Bohanna point on the siren last Sunday against the Tigers.

With scores level and mere seconds remaining on the clock, Bohanna was the one with ball in hand 50m from goal.

"I was a bit worried about the distance, heavy legs at the end of a game of footy," Gold Coast coach Cam Joyce told media post-game with a wry smile.

"But at the same time, she went back and took the responsibility as captain and I couldn't be more pleased for her that she was able to execute, even though it was a point, but that's all that was needed."

It seems that Bohanna herself was the only one with full faith that she could get her side over the line.

"The bench, they weren't exactly sure. But I knew I could with the wind," Bohanna told AFL.com.au.

"I was like, there's a little bit of a breeze, not much but enough. And I knew I could make it, but hey, I got the opportunity to try. Just go for it and see what happens."

For Bohanna the reduced pressure of just needing a score, any score, made the kick an easier one.

"It's the best point I've ever scored, I'm not going to lie. It's the only time where going back I was like, I'm not too stressed if it's a point or a goal," Bohanna said.

"Every time you're just like 'goal, goal, goal' but I'm like, we just need something."


Winning the close ones is something Gold Coast hasn't exactly been an expert at since joining the competition in 2020, but that is starting to turn.

The Suns have been involved in 10 games with a margin of a goal or less, resulting in two draws, five losses and three wins. Two of those wins have come this year, Sunday's victory over the Tigers and a four-point win over the Western Bulldogs in round four.

That persistence to the final siren is becoming a feature of Gold Coast's game, a never-say-die team that is pushing hard to reach its second ever finals series.

"We were talking about the fact that the last few times we've played Richmond it's been under a goal, and they were both really tight games. So, we've been practicing a little bit, you know, last two minutes in front or behind because I think for our group, it's just really getting used to that," Bohanna said.

Lucy Single and Alana Gee congratulate Tara Bohanna after a win during round six, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos

"Even though it felt a bit manic, it was also quite calm… we've had a few tight games now, the Bulldogs were similar, so yeah, we're getting experienced at close games which is a good thing for us."

For Joyce it comes down to that preseason situation training and increased fitness.

"Players are understanding what we need in the game at certain times, and I think, too, our fitness has gone to another level," Joyce said.

And now with the fifth edition of the QClash on the horizon, and the Suns as well placed as they ever have been to take on their cross-town rivals, they are full of the belief that they can push good teams right to the end.