COLLINGWOOD'S defensive woes are not as bad as first feared, with All Australian Ash Brazill set to play her first game since rupturing her ACL late last February.

The inclusion slightly offsets the loss of fellow backs Jordy Allen (foot) and Lauren Butler (hamstring), who are now out for the remainder of the season.

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The Pies continue to tinker with their best line-up ahead of finals, bringing in Sarah Rowe (two weeks out with a shoulder injury), Ebony O'Dea and Kristy Stratton (first game of the year) in place of dropped duo Maddie Shevlin and Abbi Moloney.

Opponents St Kilda has its own injury woes, losing speedster Kate McCarthy to what has been described as "a flare-up of an existing stress response in her lower leg".

Rosie Dillon will play after copping a knock to her larynx last week, with small forward Jess Matin back into the side.


North Melbourne has made a big call ahead of its important clash with the red-hot Brisbane, dropping reliable defender Jasmine Grierson in order to include Sarah Wright.

The latter had a month on the sidelines with a broken arm before being named an emergency last week.

By contrast, the Lions will once again go in unchanged.

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Raw midfielder Carly Remmos –  a former basketballer – will debut for Geelong, with Laura Gardiner coming in for her second game. Madisen Maguire, who was sidelined with concussion for the first half of the season, will play her first AFLW game for the year.

Georgia Clarke has been omitted after returning for just one game, while the Cats lose two runners in Georgie Rankin (concussion) and Jordy Ivey (injured).

After a few weeks of constant team changes, Greater Western Sydney will go into Saturday's game with the same winning line-up as last week.

Saturday, March 20

Geelong v Greater Western Sydney at GMHBA Stadium1.10pm AEDT 


B: M.Keryk 45 M.McMahon 24  
HB: R.Goring 44 M.McDonald - C 11 D.Taylor 28
C: R.Garing 12 R.Webster 21 S.Van De Heuvel 27
HF: D.Higgins 2 P.McWilliams 23 D.Moloney 4
F:   O.Barber 15 R.Cranston 30
Foll: R.Caris 1 A.McDonald 3 J.Crockett-Grills 6
I/C: L.Gardiner 18 C.Remmos 29 A.O'Connor 14 M.Maguire 7 N.Garner 22  

Emerg: G.Clarke 17 M.Boyd 26

In: L.Gardiner, C.Remmos, M.Maguire
Out: J.Ivey (injured), G.Rankin (concussion), G.Clarke (omitted)


B: G.Garnett 17 P.Randall 21  
HB: L.Graham 37 L.Stephenson 12 A.Lister 14
C: E.Bennetts 22 B.Tully 36 A.Eva - C 2
HF: J.Hicks 5 R.Privitelli 19 K.Smith 4
F:   T.Mackrill 32 H.Zreika 24
Foll: E.McKinnon 23 A.Parker 3 R.Beeson 6
I/C: J.Dal Pos 7 J.Allan 39 T.Evans 18 E.Goodsir 1 C.Staunton 13  

Emerg: E.Pease 33 S.Halvorsen 30  

No change

Collingwood v St Kilda at Victoria Park3.10pm AEDT 


B: R.Schleicher 18 S.Casey 22  
HB: A.Brazill 10 S.Livingstone 12 A.Porter 9
C: S.Chiocci 17 J.Lambert 13 J.Lin 20
HF: A.Sheridan 14 S.Alexander 24 M.Cann 25
F:   C.Molloy 2 K.Stratton 41
Foll: S.Norder 1 B.Davey - C 3 B.Bonnici 8
I/C:A.Newman 16 E.Fowler 15 T.Brown 26 S.Rowe 7 E.O'Dea 50  

Emerg: M.Shevlin 35 A.Velardo 5 

In: A.Brazill, K.Stratton, S.Rowe, E.O'Dea
Out: A.Moloney (omitted), M.Shevlin (omitted), L.Butler (hamstring), J.Allen (foot)


B: T.Lucas-Rodd 18 B.Jakobsson 8  
HB: J.Van Dyk 36 C.Phillips 35 T.White 29
C: M.McDonald 1 R.Watt - C 7 H.Priest 14
HF: D.Guttridge 5 J.Vogt 10 C.Greiser 17
F:   J.Matin 19 K.Shierlaw 12
Foll: P.Kelly 16 G.Patrikios 21 T.Smith 6
I/C: T.Luke 22 A.Burke 3 T.Meyer 34 R.Dillon 25 I.Shannon 11  

Emerg: C.Whitfort 4 N.von Bertouch 28 

In: J.Matin
Out: K.McCarthy (leg)

Brisbane v North Melbourne at the Gabba5.10pm AEST 


B: S.Campbell 20 N.Grider 10  
HB: E.Zielke - C 8 K.Lutkins 13 B.Koenen 3
C: O.O'Dwyer 9 C.Svarc 25 S.Conway 12
HF: G.Bodey 15 D.Davidson 14 L.Arnell 16
F:   J.Wardlaw 30 C.Hodder 21
Foll: T.Hickie 24 A.Anderson 18 E.Bates 1
I/C: I.Tahau 26 J.Ellenger 5 I.Dawes 17 J.Wuetschner 23 T.Smith 31  

Emerg: M.Moloney 28 R.Lugg 11

No change


B: D.Hardiman 31 J.Duffin 27  
HB: N.Bresnehan 12 T.Randall 16 A.Gilroy 8
C: K.Ashmore 10 E.Kearney - C 9 J.Bruton 35
HF: D.Bateman 11 G.Campbell 43 S.Abbatangelo 1
F:   K.Gillespie-Jones 5 D.Bannister 2
Foll: E.King 60 J.Garner 25 A.Riddell 7
I/C: I.Eddey 3 S.Wright 17 E.Gavalas 22 M.King 23 V.Saad 39  

Emerg: J.Grierson 19 G.Hammond 44 

In: S.Wright
Out: J.Grierson (omitted)

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